Nov 232013

By Brad Knickerbocker Staff writer / November 16, 2013 President Obama acknowledges that he was wrong when he said Americans could keep their existing health plans under the Affordable Care Act. He's apologized, and?

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Nov 232013

Busted website, canceled policies, lousy early enrollment numbers. And that could be just the warmup. Because the lesson of the last six weeks is that when it comes to the Obamacare rollout, if it can go wrong, it probably will.

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Jan 212013

The message was delivered via Jeffrey Goldberg, Obama: 'Israel Doesn't Know What Its Own Best Interests Are'. There's so much wrong in Goldberg's narrative it's hard to know where to begin, but note the message is one of

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Nov 122012

News analysis TEL AVIV, Israel — Payback time. That is what many Israeli leaders are worrying about on Wednesday, concerned that their prime minister backed the wrong horse in the U.S. election. Instead of staying out of

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Sep 112012, reports “Disillusioned by Obama, Muslim Voters Face Tough Choice”: “Instead of saying there is nothing wrong with being Muslim, he just likes to distance himself, making it like being a Muslim is a

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Jul 172012

I suspect that this is wrong, and the reasons Netanyahu was more willing to take on Obama than he was Clinton include: (1) Clinton was very popular with Israelis in the late 1990s. Obama was very unpopular with Israelis in

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Jul 172012

LEE LAZERSON: Has the president done anything wrong with respect to the Jewish vote? DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: No. On the contrary, the president has an incredible record of support and advocacy on the issues,

Read the rest here: DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz: Jews Love Abortion, That's Why …


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Jul 172012

The Schiff Report – 6/28/2012 Two wrongs do not make a right. The fine for not buying health insurance is not a tax, its a penalty. And even if it is a tax, its unconstitutional anyway, as its a direct tax that must be apportioned. The Supreme Court is wrong twice. Note on the Income Tax. The Supreme Court in the Pollock case struck down the Income Tax taxes because it was an unapportioned direct tax, as it taxed wages and rents, which amounted to direct taxes on land and labor. After the 16th amendment was passed, the court in Burshaber ruled that the Income Tax, to be consistent with Pollock (a descison the court said it was in no way changing), must be imposed not as direct tax, but as an indirect, excise tax. According to the court, that meant separating income from its source. So for example, neither wages nor rents would be taxable, only the income derived from wages and rents, once both were first separated from their source, such as labor or land. The only way to do that is through a corporate balance sheet, so according to the Supreme Court, the only income that congress may tax indirectly, without apportionment is corporate income. Taxes on personal income, such as wages or rents are direct taxes, and must be apportioned, which is why the present personal income tax is voluntary. A mandatory personal income tax would violate the apportionment provision of the US Constitution, as confirmed by the Supreme Court in both Pollock and Burshaber. Of course, if you do

Original post: The Supreme Court is wrong: ObamaCare is UNCONSTITUTIONAL


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May 152012

Even Mothers Day is something for him to use to push his wrong-headed political policies as is evident on the White House website where the holiday meant to honor our nation's moms is being used to push Obamacare.

Visit link: Obama White House Politicizes Mothers Day for Obamacare Push …


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Mar 052012

One thing you won't find anyone discussing in this feeding frenzy is the language of Obamacare, and how it pertains to women's and men's health. I guess everyone is shivering in their boots, afraid that if they say the wrong

Here is the original post: Feminist lie #3468: Obamacare | A Voice for Men


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