May 282012

For the record, Obama lied about the closeness of his relationship with Bill Ayers. He lied about listening to Rev. Wright's extremist, anti-white hate speech. Obama lied about his political views at Occidental College hiding the

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May 152012

President Obama is being consulted on Mid-East Policy by a group of nine journalists – which includes some who are downright Anti-Israel, and clearly unrepresentative of Americans views towards Israel. Amongst this group of nine Israel

Excerpt from: Vote for Obama: Get Peter Beinart & Anti-Israel Advisors | Right …

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May 152012

As Opposing Views reported earlier, North Carolina has four Republican congressional candidates who have questioned the legitimacy of President Obama's birth certificate, including Dr. John Whitley. Last night, CNN host

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Feb 222012

There are two views of Barack Hussein Obama here in Israel. One says that he's simply naive. The other – to which I am becoming more and more inclined – is that he has a visceral hostility to the Jewish state and is trying to

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