May 132015

Hello, this is Scott and this is the HyperReport.

Here are quotes for various items.




Supplies ISIS? Apparently, Iraqi “Popular Forces” shotdown 2 U.


helicopters that were caught supplying ISIS with arms.

They are holding two Blackwatererr.

pilots as prisoners.

If this is true, is anyone reallysurprised? Next.

Obama Taxes? Obama is "very interested" in the idea ofraising taxes through unilateral executive action.

He is doing this because Senator BernieSanders of Vermont, gave him the idea to simply side-step theCongress, and the U.


Constitution, and just rule with the use of the pen and a phone.


Sub-prime Consumer Debt Total household debt rose $306 billion, or2.

7%, in the fourth quarter from a year earlier to the highest level since 2010.

In addition,sub-prime lending as a percentage of total consumer lendingis now close to where it was right before the financial collapse of 2007.

This is settingup the next catastrophic systemic financial melt-down.


Police Turning On Obama Lies The law enforcement community is soundly rejectingthe claims by Obama that an AR-15 ammunition ban would protect the lives of American policeofficers.

In short, Obama, and his thugs, have stoopedto using the name of good people, who have sworn an oath to the U.


Constitution, tofurther their unconstitutional actions.

Speaking of police.


Ferguson Police In an unbelievable turnaround, the Departmentof Justice not only cleared the police officer, Darren Wilson, in the fatal shooting of anunarmed 18 year old in Ferguson, they issued a scathing reporton the police of that city.

Of course, don't expect an apology by race-baiter err.

ReverendAl Sharpton to Darren Wilson Next.

Karl Marx for President It is truly dangerous when people do not knowwho is Karl Marx is.

People responded positively to a question, asked by Mark Dice, if theywould support Karl Marx, as Obama's choice for Presidentin 2016.

Just how many people, if asked, would sadly follow Adolf Hitler and be happily ledto the gas chamber or a guillotine? Next.

Obamacare Penalty According to the final language in Obamawreck,while there are penalties’ outlined for not having health insurance, no means to forcepeople to pay them are not stated.

No leans or prison timeto force payment are stated.

So, apparently, the IRS can only legally say pay us only becausewe said so.

Kind of slick when you think about it.

Or isthat sick? Finally, please prepare now for the escalatingeconomic and social unrest.

Good Day!.

Jan 212013

The most anti-Israel President in American history knows what's in Israel's best interest? Like turning the first Muslim country to make a peace deal with Israel over to the Muslim Brotherhood and giving them billions?

Link: [M]Obama: "Israel doesn't know what its own best interests are …

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