Nov 232013

In short, he identifies the intricate ways in which the Obama administration is trying to separate Israel from its American Jewish supporters. If you buy his theory, and there's a slim chance that all readers will buy it, the Obama?

Link: Obama, Iran, Israel, and the Jewish “Appetite for Blood” | Rosner's …

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Jan 212013

Taitz vehemently opposes this theory because it would invalidate her movement to prove Obama is of foreign birth. Since Davis was a US citizen, Obama's birth certificate would not be as big of an issue, but rather a

The rest is here: Orly Taitz, AIPAC Zionist Agendas & Obama's Real Birth Certificate …


Jul 172012

“We won in our effort to preserve the Constitution and, in fact, we moved the ball in a more positive direction,” says Georgetown Law’s Randy Barnett, one of the legal architects behind the constitutional challenge to Obamacare. Chief Justice John Roberts’ majority opinion in the 5-to-4 decision upheld Obamacare’s individual mandate as an exercise of Congress’ tax powers, while simultaneously rejecting the Obama administration’s sweeping assertion of federal power under the Commerce Clause. Barnett argues that the chief justice “substituted a less dangerous tax power for a far more dangerous Commerce Clause power.” Had the Supreme Court accepted the government’s theory of the Commerce Clause, Barnett explains, Congress would have had the power “to do anything it wants with respect to the economy.” A professor of legal theory at Georgetown University Law Center and the author of nine books, including Restoring the Lost Constitution: The Presumption of Liberty (2004), Barnett represented the National Federation of Independent Business in its challenge to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Reason Senior Editor Damon Root recently sat down with Barnett to discuss the Obamacare decision, the “echo chamber” of liberal academia, and why the Constitution is fully consistent with libertarian principles. Approximately 33 minutes. Shot by Jim Epstein and Joshua Swain, and edited by Epstein. Go to for downloadable versions and subscribe to ReasonTV’s YouTube

See original here: Randy Barnett: Losing Obamacare While Preserving the Constitution