Apr 192013

Obamacare No Damn Good Says Architect Jay Rockefeller, The Affordable Care Act Is Not Affordable, Liberals are so damn stupid and predictable http://www.wash…


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Nov 122012

Obama LIES & lies Obama’s misleading oil ad and a new Spam Alert. The Obama campaign is getting desperate. Check out this video about Barack Obama: www.youtube.com Want to learn more about the REAL Barack Obama secret organized money, lobbyists, and special interests? Watch: www.youtube.com WE AMERICANS ARE NOT STUPID! DON’T VOTE FOR HIM! www.obamaunveiled.com


See the original post: Factcheck.org CAUGHT BARACK OBAMA LYING!


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Nov 122012

Obama is stupid. Obama on his own stage, showing his true colors. Anti-american, willing to meet with terrorists with no preconditions, Obama also thinks we have 57 states.

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Link: Obama is stupid: 57 States



May 282012

And are you surprised that people are increasingly pro-life as the administration is openly pro-abortion? Despite Democrat griping about a war on women, people who are not stupid know the truth. President Obama is the best

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Feb 222012

Barack Obama's gamble on Abortion and Contraception, designed to force Catholic Charities to provide coverage for both, with no exemption for religious institutions, is hailed by most commentators as a stupid blunder.

Excerpt from: Obama's Abortion Gamble: Catholics vs. Women | whiskeysplace


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Feb 172010

and Obama Dishonest on Iraq Why Mark Penn had to go Third Grader Suspended in Sharpie Sniffing Flap… Barack Obama Joe Biden

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What is interesting here is that Rush Limbaugh has managed to mix…, with the modern baseless claim that Obama is using the education system to indoctrinate America