Jan 212013

Dr. Jerome Corsi: Obama Deliberately Destroying US Economy Using The Cloward-Piven Strategy to implement socialist revolution The Cloward-Piven Strategy www.freerepublic.com


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Nov 122012

Israel lobby's strategy bottom line: No U.S. pressure on Israel, and thus no chance for a deal. The next political game will be Iran, not Israel-Palestine.

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Jul 172012

A major Pro-life News Media Clearinghouse, Lifenews.com explains the Obama strategy to tie Romney to Stericycle, a company which disposes of medical waste, and…

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May 282012

Maybe Tara Wall can find Obama's birth certificate. As Mitt Romney continues to formalize the Negro inclusion portion of his Etch A Sketch plan, he has settled on a Negro to be the face of the strategy. Her name is Tara Wall,

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Apr 112012

The House Republicans announced their strategy for 2012, which amounts to basically anything but legislating to actually do stuff, like create jobs. Their agenda is a combination of symbolic bills to gut regulations, give tax

See the original post: Daily Kos: House Republicans manufacture Obamacare-IRS …


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Feb 222012

YID With LID: Israel to Obama: Lead, Follow or GET OUT OF THE WAY!. Perhaps signaling a change to their 'wait and see strategy”. Israel is telling President Obama–Dayanu! Enough! That was the message given to U.S.

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Jan 102011


Pentagon Must Sharpen Iran Strategy to Counter Arms Buildup, Congress Says
Israel's outgoing head of intelligence, Meir Dagan, said last week that Iran wouldn't be able to produce a nuclear weapon before 2015. ...
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Dec 282010


'J Street' backs Obama with moderate strategy
... pro-Israel political movement, something that is a foil to other Israeli organizations. In fact, JS strongly backs President Barack Obama's current ...
New generation yearns for peace in Middle East to little availWinnipeg Free Press

Quantum theory of peaceYnetnews
Cutting Edge Latin America analystThe Cutting Edge

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