Nov 262013

Period.” While the president has conceded that this statement was inaccurate, the administration doesn't seem to have learned its lesson. The damage control plan is to spread another falsehood about the Affordable Care Act.

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Nov 232013

Don’t just watch — spread. Tell everyone on the IM list about this video, email it, post it on forums — this is one of the most important elections in the …

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Nov 122012

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See the article here: Reality Check- US Staying In Afghanistan Until 2024+- Obama lied…, AGAIN!


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Nov 122012

Special thanks to Barack Obama, Edward Kennedy, Oprah, Hillary Clinton’s Cackle, Get Smart, the Chief, Spongebob, Patrick, tonypaul418, Miss Teen USA South Carolina, Vegeta, Charlie Brown, Marvin Martian, kirbybabe, and Charlie the Unicorn for making this video possible. When I put this video together, I never imagined it would be so popular. A big thank you to everyone who has watched, spread, and continues to watch and spread this vid. 400000 views – May 5, 2011. Thank you!

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