Aug 152013

With Congressional Republicans refusing to finance an expensive universal preschool proposal, President Obama is seeking an alternate funding source.

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Jan 212013

NEW YORK, Aug. 10, 2004 /PRNewswire/ — Source's independent contrarian columnist, Andy Martin, will publish a column and hold simultaneous news conferences in New York and London on Wednesday,

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Jan 212013

“It’s going hot.” Those were the ominous opening and closing words from my source inside the Department of Homeland Security in two separate contacts we had within the last 72 hours. Readers to this website and listeners to my radio program know this source as “Rosebud,” a source with access to high levels within the DHS administration. I asked my source for details. “What exactly is the plan? Can you give me specific details? How do you know about this plan ‘going hot?'” “Okay, from what I’ve been able to learn, there have been a couple different plans or scenarios developed, ready to be implemented at a moment’s notice, but each are distinctly different in nature and timing.” stated my source. “This is done for a few reasons. Look how the weather changed the plans for [Vice-President Joe] Biden’s visit to Tampa. That’s just one example. They’ve got contingencies. They are watching the poll numbers. They are closely monitoring public sentiment. But the objective of the plan is that they want to portray Obama as a victim of racist hatred by the white gun owners, the people concerned about the Constitution, the people they consider fringe. They want to silence their critics, prove that talk show hosts are causing hatred, and that all gun owners are behind the recent shootings. That’s at the heart of the plan. But to understand just how insidious this is, you’ve got to understand the people who are behind it.” Nero in the White House, Caligula at the DHS My source continued

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Nov 122012

Obama supporters are clueless. Feel free to leave a comment below, and subscribe if you wish, I will be posting interesting videos, both politics and otherwise, whenever something comes across my path. Thank you for watching. Breitbart News: Rebel Pundit caught up with supporters of the President at an Obama for America rally in Madison, WI on Thursday. When asked if it was “fair” that the President was unable to use a teleprompter during the debates, overwhelmingly the supporters said “no.” (source Breitbart News)

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Jul 172012

06/08/2012 “Radical-in-Chief” author Stanley Kurtz on documents showing Obama was once a member of the socialist “New Party”, a political wing of ACORN. Source Article: Related Links: http

Excerpt from: Barack Obama Member of Radical Socialist Group "New Party" in 90’s

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Jul 172012

The Schiff Report – 6/28/2012 Two wrongs do not make a right. The fine for not buying health insurance is not a tax, its a penalty. And even if it is a tax, its unconstitutional anyway, as its a direct tax that must be apportioned. The Supreme Court is wrong twice. Note on the Income Tax. The Supreme Court in the Pollock case struck down the Income Tax taxes because it was an unapportioned direct tax, as it taxed wages and rents, which amounted to direct taxes on land and labor. After the 16th amendment was passed, the court in Burshaber ruled that the Income Tax, to be consistent with Pollock (a descison the court said it was in no way changing), must be imposed not as direct tax, but as an indirect, excise tax. According to the court, that meant separating income from its source. So for example, neither wages nor rents would be taxable, only the income derived from wages and rents, once both were first separated from their source, such as labor or land. The only way to do that is through a corporate balance sheet, so according to the Supreme Court, the only income that congress may tax indirectly, without apportionment is corporate income. Taxes on personal income, such as wages or rents are direct taxes, and must be apportioned, which is why the present personal income tax is voluntary. A mandatory personal income tax would violate the apportionment provision of the US Constitution, as confirmed by the Supreme Court in both Pollock and Burshaber. Of course, if you do

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May 282012

Obama, Muslims; media continue attack on Christians. by The Civilization War. Hundreds of Muslims set fire to two churches in Zanzibar over the weekend. [Source] Meanwhile a Nigerian Muslim confessed to

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May 282012

Unfortunately, the Media has ignored the Church's 43 law suits as well as any truth-telling when it comes to Obama. Now, it seems that the USCCB is the only source on whether Obamacare dictates taxpayer paid abortions,

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Mar 052012

Much of that evidence is in the public domain but rarely has it been collected in a single source, a 10-minute video produced and directed by titled “Obama Admits He Is a Muslim.” Reportedly, Sean

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