Nov 282013

Dan Bongino, an author and a former member of the Secret Service’s Presidential Protection Division, joins the show to reveal the inner workings of the Obama…

Visit link: Dan Bongino: Obama Using Iran Deal to Distract from Obamacare


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Sep 042013

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R)'s family and business partner have been receiving payments from a secret Political Action Committee called Real PAC. Half a million dollars of the money donated to the PAC has come from?

Read the rest here: Georgia governor gets paid through secret PAC to obstruct …


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Aug 162013

Never mind the Death Panels, did you know that Obamacare has a secret provision that will allow forced home inspections? Well of course it does! Stupidest Man on the Internet Jim Hoft warns: Here come the home raids…

Read more: Stupidest Man On The Internet Warns Obamacare Storm Troopers …


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Apr 192013 Televangelist Pat Robertson goes into the mind of President Obama and claims that he i…

Go here to read the rest: Robertson: Obama is a Secret Socialist

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Nov 122012

President Barack Obama has made no secret that he's a fan Showtime's “Homeland.” Obama has been singing the Emmy-winning drama's praises since the first season and the cast and network have returned the love for the

Read the original post: Damian Lewis Signed Obama's 'Homeland' DVD Set With A Muslim …

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Nov 122012

Does Obama's reelection prove that the Israel lobby is getting weaker, and that he can return to Middle East peacemaking with new confidence and resolve? It's no secret that Obama has a frosty relationship with Israeli PM

Read more: Obama and the Israel lobby: Quo vadis? – Stephen M. Walt – Foreign …

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Apr 112012

So John Bolton holds Obama responsible. Bolton suggests that because Obama's private efforts to prevent an Israeli attack on Iran have failed, he decided to ratchet up the pressure on Israel by revealing sensitive, secret

Read the original here: Obama's Knife in Israel's Back | FrontPage Magazine

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Feb 282012

Secret memo: Obama ignored SOS from Iranian opposition. I don't know whether the Iranian opposition movement is any less anti-Israel than the Khameni-Ahmadinejad regime. It's unlikely that they could be any worse.

Read the original post: Israel Matzav: Secret memo: Obama ignored SOS from Iranian …

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