Nov 122012

Ambassador Smith “stressed the desire of President Obama to resolve a number of foreign issues, most notably restoring negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinian sides, responding more strongly to Iran, and working

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Jul 172012

Greta van Susteren, FOX News: “I have a tweet from today where you say ‘Barack Obama is practically begging Mitt Romney to disavow this place of birth movement, he’s afraid of it and for good reason. He keeps using Sen. John McCain as an example. However, Sen. John McCain lost the election. Don’t let it happen again.’ So, you yourself bring it up on your Twitter account, so it’s not like all of the sudden I imagined this and pulled it out of the air.” Donald Trump: “But that was in response to other reporters, Greta. Other reporters are asking the same questions so I have a large number of Twitter … you know, my twitter is very large. It’s millions and frankly, people ask me to discuss certain things. But in this case the reporters bring it up all the time so I was responding to reporters on Twitter.” Van Susteren: “Okay, alright, and I was just sort of responding to the controversy because it is somehow morphed from an issue of — and morphed into a campaign strategy.” Trump: “I actually think it’s a very good issue for Mitt Romney. I actually do. Now I may be different, again, I’m not a politician. I’m somebody that’s done very well in business. I understand what life is all about. I actually think it’s a great issue for Mitt Romney, but he might not think that way, and we certainly can disagree. We don’t even talk about that issue, by the way. We talk about jobs, we talk about lots of other things.”

Visit link: Donald Trump on Fox News: Obama Birth Certificate: "A Great Issue For Mitt Romney"


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