Sep 062013

Former President Clinton took America by the hand today, and walked it through the fog of lies and misrepresentations that Republicans have created around Obamacare.

Read the rest here: Bill clinton cuts through the gop fog of lies while explaining obamacare


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Sep 042013

As the first Congressional hearing on Syrian intervention was coming to close, the hosts of The Five took a look at where leading Republicans stand on the issue.

See the rest here: The Five on Politics of Syria: 'Most Important Vote Since Obamacare …


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Aug 152013

With Congressional Republicans refusing to finance an expensive universal preschool proposal, President Obama is seeking an alternate funding source.

View original post here: Obama skirts Congress, funds pre-K through Obamacare | The Daily …


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Apr 192013

There’s no question that Obamacare faces difficulties. It’s an imperfect law with a lot of moving parts, and it’s also facing tremendous resistance from Republicans around the country, who are doing everything they can to delay,

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Apr 192013

Obama Whines That Republicans Call Him Socialist – 1/14/2013 – – Hat tip @…

Link: Obama Whines That Republicans Call Him Socialist – 1/14/2013

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Jan 212013

obama Democrats and their hypocrisy never seize to amaze me. They basically shot billboard size flares at Republicans because Mitt Romney said his staff brought him binders full of résumé's from women in order to have an

Read the original post: Hypocrisy: Obama Nominating Republican That Has Opposed …


Nov 122012

Four Americans died. Obama lied. The press complied. Republicans have been trying to highlight the terrorist attack on our Libyan embassy for weeks, but recognizing how damaging this episode was to Obama's credibility,

See more here: Obama Lied. The Press Complied

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Nov 122012

America is already a socialist country, so Republicans and Conservatives protesting against socialism are protesting against something that already exists in America.

Originally posted here: Obama The Muslim Socialist

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Nov 122012

Republicans pilloried President Obama throughout the campaign for being a purportedly weak ally to Israel, but Election Day research suggests that the strategy flopped with Jewish voters. The exit poll, conducted by

View post: Poll: GOP Criticism Of Obama On Iran, Israel Did Not Move Jewish …

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