Nov 282013

They said that, with its “coercive mandate,” the Obama administration “is refusing to uphold its obligation to respect the rights of religious believers.” “Beginning in March 2012, in United for Religious Freedom, we identified?

Here is the original post: Catholic Bishops To Defy Obama's "Coercive" Abortion Mandate


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Nov 282013

Last Friday the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Obama's abortion mandate could be challenged by employers who feel that the mandate burdens their right to freely exercise their religious beliefs: The plaintiffs are?

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Nov 232013

The Obamacare abortion, contraception and sterilization mandate is already forcing many Christian-owned businesses to file lawsuits against Obamacare for its violation of their religious liberty. The Obama Administration is?

Here is the original post: Obamacare Provides Unlimited Taxpayer Funding Of Abortion …



Jan 212013

Whether or not you knew it, today, Jan. 16, is “Religious Freedom Day,” an annual event that has been recognized by the past three U.S. presidents. The designation, which honors America as a country that allows for the free

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Nov 122012

Exit polls reveal which religious groups support abortion and gay marriage. Take a look at this data from Pew Research. Excerpt: Religiously unaffiliated voters and Jewish voters were firmly in Obama's corner in 2012 (70%

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May 152012

ObamaCare uses the Social Security language of the Internal Revenue Code to determine who is eligible for “religious conscience” objection to the insurance mandate. Specifically, the law provides exemptions for adherents

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Apr 112012

What Obama really believes about abortion: *Babies are a punishment. *Partial-birth abortion is okay. *The scientific and religious viewpoints on when life begins differ.

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Mar 052012

Can Obama Force Nuns to Pay For Abortion-Inducing Drugs. By Maggie Gallagher. Can the government order you to pay for anything if it calls it “health care”? Can President Obama make you choose between your religious

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Mar 052012

Religious liberty is a cornerstone of America's founding and individual freedoms, and ObamaCare is targeting it as first casualty. Yet this is what I'm hearing during this 2012 election season: “Michelle, ObamaCare isn't the

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Feb 282012

Obama Lied With Compromise. Posted on February 23, 2012. The Heritage Foundation has offered a great summary of the problem with Obama's mandate last week that religious institutions must provide health care for women that pays for

Continued here: Obama Lied With Compromise | Timothy J. Hammons

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