Nov 232013

And while the White House released a purported copy of Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate April 27, 2011, the president's refusal to release his personal records, coupled with charges that the birth certificate is a forgery,?

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Nov 232013

After years of birther conspiracy theories, Hawaii made an exception to release the form.

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Jan 212013

The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi is “pressuring” Obama to release the Blind Sheikh. Of course the behind-the-scenes is that the corrupt, Marxists/Islamists Barack Hussein Obama would like nothing more than to

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Nov 122012

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered additional security for the US mission in Benghazi ahead of the terrorist attack but the orders were never carried out, according to “legal counsel” to Clinton who spoke to best-selling author Ed Klein. Those same sources also say former President Bill Clinton has been “urging” his wife to release official State Department documents that prove she called for additional security at the compound in Libya, which would almost certainly result in President Obama losing the election.

Original post: Bombshell: Clinton Ordered More Security In Benghazi, Obama Denied Request

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Sep 112012

The ad is the first in a series exposing Obama's extreme abortion record. The SBA List is considering additional ads for release in North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin. Recently the SBA List wrapped up a five state



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Apr 112012

White House source: Obama only considers how many votes he'll gain in deciding on Pollard release. I have said many times that President Obama will pardon Jonathan Pollard when he believes that doing so will gain him a

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Apr 112012 Follow this link to sign a form for a full investigation into OBAMA ! { The articles of impeachment are required with immediacy to secure the USA from further sabotage of the interest of all citizens as the violations have broken the articles of faith in which the oath of office are sworn to protect, invalidation of an elected official is a determinent post causal as having affirmed office, the immediacy therien to prohibit further election is removal from office for further trial. Confirmed Obama’s Birth Certificate Not Authentic 2012 ! Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is not authentic. Arpaio revealed the findings of a investigation into the president’s birth certificate at a 1 hour and 20 minute news conference Thursday, calling the certificate “suspect.” Arpaio’s team of investigators said they found that the long-form birth certificate was created electronically and never existed in paper form. The president’s Selective Service card was also questioned. Arpaio’s investigators claimed the document has “failed every test we put it through.” At Thursday’s news conference, investigators said they will request a criminal investigation. They also said they have identified a person of interest in the forgery of the birth certificate. Arpaio said he is not accusing the president of the crime. He said they will investigate who is behind the “possible forgery and fraud.” “I



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Feb 282012

Speaking first about President Obama's birth certificate, Ramos questioned the reasoning behind Arpaio's decision to release his own findings about the authenticity of the document. Arpaio responded by stating that 250 tea

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Feb 282012

After getting a question about whether Mitt Romney will release his income tax returns in Concord, N.H., Romney's son Matt made a crack about President Obama's college grades and birth certificate: Matt Romney: He has not

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Feb 222012

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was rebuked in December by the Justice Department for alleged civil rights violations, said on Tuesday that he will release his findings on President Barack Obama's birth certificate on March 1.

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