Apr 192013

At the final presidential debate, President Obama spoke about the United States’ relationship with Israel. He said, “Israel is a true friend, it is our greatest ally in the region and if Israel is attacked, America will stand with Israel.

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Jan 212013

“When informed about the Israeli decision, Obama, who has a famously contentious relationship with the prime minister, didn't even bother getting angry,” Goldberg writes. “He told several people that this sort of behavior on

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Nov 122012

Does Obama's reelection prove that the Israel lobby is getting weaker, and that he can return to Middle East peacemaking with new confidence and resolve? It's no secret that Obama has a frosty relationship with Israeli PM

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Sep 112012

Haim Saban, a proud Jew, staunch supporter of Israel, and noted philanthropist, nevertheless parses President Obama's record on Israel to deliver a sanitized rendition of a President whose relationship with the Jewish state

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Sep 112012

J Street, the Washington based lobby which calls itself “The Political Home for Pro-Israel, Pro-peace Americans” is no longer on the same page as President Obama on the most vital matters of the U.S. – Israel relationship,

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Aug 292012

I can't decide which is a more repulsive relationship…but, I really don't get why Huma would marry a man of Jewish descent, being a Muslim and a covert operative for the MB. The fact that he's a pervert and she's still married

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Jul 172012

President Barack Obama's challenges with the U.S.-Israel relationship continue to generate talk on the campaign trail as his GOP rival Mitt Romney's trip to the region draws near. Though President Barack Obama visited as a

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May 282012

For the record, Obama lied about the closeness of his relationship with Bill Ayers. He lied about listening to Rev. Wright's extremist, anti-white hate speech. Obama lied about his political views at Occidental College hiding the

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May 152012

Glenn Beck revisits Obama's lies regarding his relationship with Bill Ayres (5/11/ “And, yes, in fact Ayres hosted, according to FactCheck.org, a meet-and-greet coffee for Obama, who was running for the State Senate and who

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May 152012

Hillary Clinton's statement to a Muslim audience in Bangladesh that President Obama has a particular respect for Islam among all religions accentuates the administration's dangerously naive relationship with the Muslim

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