Nov 122012

President Obama said that Gaddafi’s regime was going to cause a bloodbath in Libya. Professor Alan J Kuperman of the University at Texas argues, however, that the president’s claims were exaggerated and that the civil war should be over by now. One month after they intervened, NATO and the US have not put an end to a war that otherwise would have resolved itself.

Excerpt from: Obama lied about Gaddafi’s bloodbath?


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Sep 112012

The Obama administration is close to finalizing a massive $1-billion bailout for the increasingly totalitarian Muslim Brotherhood regime ruling over Egypt, according to U.S. government officials cited in news reports. The move

Continued here: Prison » Obama Prepares Huge Bailout for Muslim …

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Jul 172012

Some have scoffed at our acknowledgement of the obama regime's support of the muslim brotherhood and what that means to Christians here in America. Of course that support is felt first and foremost in the countries that the

Read the original here: Egypt's Coptic Christians claim obama regime continues to support …

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May 152012

The Obama Regime HAS TO LIE about their record because their record SUCKS! They COULD say that they have reduced our dependency on foreign oil simply because they have wrecked the economy so who needs the


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Feb 282012

Secret memo: Obama ignored SOS from Iranian opposition. I don't know whether the Iranian opposition movement is any less anti-Israel than the Khameni-Ahmadinejad regime. It's unlikely that they could be any worse.

Read the original post: Israel Matzav: Secret memo: Obama ignored SOS from Iranian …

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Sep 222010

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Ahmadinejad's fire may test Obama's ice at UN start
Washington Times
UNITED NATIONS | Speaking to the UN in 2008, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the "Zionist regime" of Israel murderers, and his comments last ...
Op-Ed: Israel, a fall guy unto the nations?Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Ahmadinejad's UN Blustering: The US could face a “real war” (blog)
Obama: US Favors Diplomatic Solution to Iran's N. IssueFars News Agency
Consortium News -Press TV
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Mar 302010

during Obama’s run for the presidency and his refusal to produce his birth certificate. It reminds me of the search I conducted in 2004 for my mother’s birth certificate , a non-negotiable prerequisite… with Democrats to vote for the totalitarian nightmare of socialized medicine, the subject of Obama’s missing birth certificate is more timely and relevant than ever — precisely because the ugly spectacle emphasized once again the degree to which Obama has arrogantly flouted, sneered at, and spit upon

Mar 302010

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Jan 252010

and moderates who were duped by Obama’s rhetoric during the 2008 campaign now know the real Obama. They know what his agenda means for them and they want no part of it.

Obama is out of touch. He didn’t change Washington. It’s more corrupt than ever.

Where’s the transparency? Obama lied on a number…Friend —

On Wednesday evening, President Obama will deliver his first State of the Union address…/m/55c10165/6beb6b9c/c4b842b5/11886dc6/1267171824/VEsC/

Plouffe says the Obama regime has hit some “serious bumps