Apr 192013

Obamacare Fiasco – HHs Sec Surprised HC Law Hard To Implement – On The Record.


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Jan 212013

The glitter and glamour is going to be raging all week in Washington DC as inauguration gets under way. Arguably the concerns and challenges facing our nation brought out record number of citizens to re-elect President

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Nov 122012

When Barack Obama was campaigning for President, he promised the world. Revisit those promises and check them against his record.


Follow this link: Obama’s Lies: Straight from his lips.


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Nov 122012

Obama mispronouncing the word Corps is such a high crime that he should be tried and convicted because he is a Socialist, a Nazi, a dictator, the anti- Christ and whatever evil this man maybe. For the record I don’t support left or right I am an Independent that believes in a third choice instead of a two party system. However he is our President and should support him as that would be an American thing to do rather than blaming him and not being part of the solution!


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Sep 112012

President Obama ran for office as a pro-Israeli candidate, but his record tells a different story. In fact, he has been more hostile and antagonistic toward Israel than any other US president, demonstrating his lack of respect by

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Aug 292012

Its purpose? To expose President Barack Obama's purportedly “extreme record on abortion.” To deliver its message, the organization shares the story of Melissa Ohden, a woman who survived a failed abortion attempt.

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Aug 292012

Abortion opponents have long decried Obama's record in the Illinois legislature on regulating late-term abortions, but little money has been spent to advertise on the issue since he became president. “Many children, more

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Aug 292012

Melissa Ohden, who survived an attempted abortion, now speaks out against abortion and explains Barack Obama's disturbing record.

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Aug 292012

The pro-life Susan B. Anthony List has announced it won't let Missouri go without a fight, and is running a $150,000 TV ad campaign to highlight “President Obama's extreme record on abortion.” The featured spokeswoman for

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