Nov 232013

When questioned about a potential gag order given to whiteness of the Benghazi attack Obama claims ignorance.

See the original post here: Obama Questioned, Benghazi Whitness Testimony Blocking, Syria & Assad

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Aug 162013

GOP Senators Question Obama Judicial Nominee on Abortion. July 26, 2013 — Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday questioned one of President Obama's three nominees to the District of Columbia Circuit Court?

Read the original here: GOP Senators Question Obama Judicial Nominee on Abortion


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Jan 212013

The chairman of the Arizona Republican Party and two other Arizona members of the Electoral College on Monday questioned President Barack Obama's birth certificate during the formal casting of the state's electoral votes.

Go here to read the rest: Arizona Electors Question Barack Obama Birth Certificate


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May 152012

As Opposing Views reported earlier, North Carolina has four Republican congressional candidates who have questioned the legitimacy of President Obama's birth certificate, including Dr. John Whitley. Last night, CNN host

Read more: Video: GOP Candidate Dr. John Whitley Still Denies Pres. Obama's …


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