Nov 232013

Iran says repeatedly that Israel must be wiped off the map, that Israel is doomed to destruction, etc. But according to Obama and his friends, Israel is the one stirring up war. Obama needs to do the right thing and put our?

Original post: Obama Administration Figure Says Israel is Stirring Up a War With Iran

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Nov 232013

A new ad put out by the Colorado ObamaCare Exchanges focuses on a woman’s ability to get cheap birth control under the new law in a effort to entice young pe…

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Jan 212013

We put President Obama into office. Now my generation must hold Obama accountable to his commitments, including urging him to submit a budget to Congress without unfair restrictions on coverage for abortion care. Obama

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Nov 122012

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Nov 122012

Special thanks to Barack Obama, Edward Kennedy, Oprah, Hillary Clinton’s Cackle, Get Smart, the Chief, Spongebob, Patrick, tonypaul418, Miss Teen USA South Carolina, Vegeta, Charlie Brown, Marvin Martian, kirbybabe, and Charlie the Unicorn for making this video possible. When I put this video together, I never imagined it would be so popular. A big thank you to everyone who has watched, spread, and continues to watch and spread this vid. 400000 views – May 5, 2011. Thank you!

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Aug 292012

If the Iranians and the Israelis were to believe believe President Obama's assurances that, as he put it, “I don't bluff,” there would be a real possibility that Iran would abandon its nuclear weapons program. But even if the

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May 282012

The Times of Israel.. 26 May '12.. Simply put, President Obama genuinely believes that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are the principal cause of the perpetuation of the Israel/Palestine conflict. Remove the settlements, he

More here: Werdine – Leading From Behind: Obama, Israel, and Iran

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Mar 072012

Stay Informed. Sign up for our email updates to stay informed with the campaign. Together we can repeal and replace Obamacare, cut spending, cut regulations and put America back to work.*. ZIP*

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Mar 052012

The trailer for a new 30-minute video, entitled “Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel,” cuts together clips of Obama quotes and outside commentary to put forth the narrative that Obama has made statements and taken

Read the original here: Daylight: New film blasts Obama's Israel record | The Cable

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