Nov 252013

House Oversight Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa reacts to Pres. Obama’s comments about the Benghazi talking points outrage.

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Nov 232013

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was in tonight’s “Center Seat” on Special Report. He told the All Star Panel that ObamaCare isn’t fixable. The senator believes Pres…

Read the rest here: Rand Paul: ObamaCare Isn’t Fixable And Most "Fixes" Coming From The Executive Are Unconstitutional


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Aug 162013

Obama gives Pres. Medal of Freedom to Abortion 'Hero'. Posted: 11 Aug 2013 12:25 PM PDT. President Barack Obama has named sixteen recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is the nation's highest civilian?

Go here to read the rest: Heroic News: “Obama gives Pres. Medal of Freedom to Abortion …


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Jan 212013

I am very serious in making this statement. The evidence grows with each day of . . . . . Barack Hussein Obama’s Treason. At no time in American history has anyone been such a . . . . traitor & threat to the United States of America. Rome had it’s traitor Julius Caesar that was it’s greatest threat from within. America has it’s traitor & greatest threat from within – That being . . . . Barack Hussein Obama is America’s traitorous dictator. The evidence grows with each passing day that Pres. Obama is the greatest threat to America. Playing the race card is becoming “Da Play Of The Day” for . . . . . Barack Hussein Obama & his followers.

Continued here: Welfare Socialist Pres. Barack Hussein Obama – America’s Greatest Enemy

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Feb 282012

It could be his last speech in this country before an Israeli attack. It's uncertain what he will discuss with Pres. Obama, with whom he will meet. The president seems more the supplicant than the officiant in this relationship.

View post: Prison » Obama Promises Israel Use Of Bases For Iran …

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