Nov 272013

CNN has a very interesting new poll that not only debunks the notion that Americans have already decided Obamacare is a failure, but also reveals that Americans overwhelmingly oppose the GOP's conservative critique of?

Visit link: Daily Kos: New poll: Americans optimistic about Obamacare …


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Nov 252013

CNN Poll -Who Will Have More Influence Over The Direction The Nation Takes? Republicans 50% Barack Obama 42% Obamacare Chaos Affect On Obama Poll Say Republi…

Read this article: Obamacare Chaos Affect On Obama Poll Say Republicans Will Have More Influence Direction Of Nation


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Aug 152013

A new Heritage Action poll finds broad support for defunding ObamaCare: Likely voters support defunding 57%-34%. Among those with strong opinions on.

Read the original here: The people support defunding ObamaCare | RedState


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Apr 192013

President Barack Obama convinced a large number of Israelis that his administration is not pro-Palestinian during his visit and charm campaign last week to the Mideast, according to a newspaper poll.

Read more: Among <b>Israelis</b>, <b>Obama&#39;s</b> Trip Nets an Image Boost – Washington <b>…</b>

Nov 122012

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic civil rights organization, found in its 2012 presidential exit poll that more than 85% of American Muslims voted for President Barack Obama. In 2008, 89% of

Read this article: OBAMA GETS THE MUSLIM VOTE……. |


Nov 122012

JPost – More than 85 percent of Muslim voters in the United States voted for US President Barack Obama in the 2012 election, according to a poll by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The number represents

Link: Islamic Group: 85% of Muslim Voters Picked Obama –

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Sep 112012

A new poll shows that Barack Hussein Obama's share of the Jewish vote has dropped to 59%. That's the worst percentage for a Democratic Presidential candidate since Jimmy Carter's 45% in 1980, which was helped along

Read the original: Israel Matzav: Poll: Obama's Jewish vote below 60%

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Jul 172012

In the wake of the SCOTUS decision on health care, a majority of New Yorkers want to see the law fully implemented, according to a poll released this morning by the Siena Research Institute. The poll showed that 45% of

Original post: Poll: Majority Of New Yorkers Support Obamacare; Cuomo – Blogs


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Apr 112012

Not only is the pro-peace, pro-Israel movement growing every year, but a poll commissioned by J Street shows that the American Jewish community overwhelmingly backs the US government playing an active role in bringing

Read more from the original source: Ryan Simon: The American Jewish Vote: It's Not All About Israel …

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Apr 112012

Sean Higgins at Investor's Business Daily reports on a new IBD health care poll: Polls continue to show it has little popular support either. For example, a poll just conducted for IBD by TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence found

The rest is here: Here's How Unpopular ObamaCare Is: Fewer Than Half of …


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