Nov 262013

The White House and Affordable Care Act supporters are arming like-minded Americans with a set of pro-Obamacare talking points ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday in the hopes they may convince their family members to?

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Nov 252013

House Oversight Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa reacts to Pres. Obama’s comments about the Benghazi talking points outrage.

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Nov 232013

Today Obama Again Took Responsibility For The Chaos Surrounding Obamacare Obamacare Surrender – The President Capitulates – O’Reilly Talking Points.

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Nov 232013

The memo distributed to House Republicans this week was concise and blunt, listing talking points and marching orders: “Because of Obamacare, I Lost My Insurance.” “Obamacare Increases Health Care Costs.

Visit link: Breaking 'news': Republicans coordinating attacks on Obamacare


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Sep 112012

And that is very bad news for a party whose vote is cobbled together by frightening black people about a return to slavery and women about a ban on abortion. Mitt gained seven points and Obama lost five among women after

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May 152012

Beck goes back though Obama's statements about his past and points out the lies he's told, including some in his big 2004 DNC speech. According to my tipster, Beck did this in light of the WAPO hit piece on Romney today.

Originally posted here: Glenn Beck on the lies that Barack Hussein Obama has told about …

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May 152012

To keep messages like this coming go to We’re told by the same people that wrote about Romney’s dog 56 times that this whole Obama eating dogs story is trivial and an unserious distraction from the issues of the day. But it’s not trivial. Bill takes a look at this President’s history and points out just how different he is from ordinary America.

Originally posted here: MAN BITES DOG

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Apr 112012

Despite the fact that all evidence points to President Obama being a U.S.-born citizen (including his birth certificate, which shows he was born in Hawaii), there are still some Republicans who doubt he is an American.

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Feb 282012

A newly released USA Today/Gallup poll shows that, by a margin of 13 percentage points (53 to 40 percent), swing-state voters want Obamacare to be repealed. The poll included registered voters in 12 key states: Florida,

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