Nov 232013

Obama Slammed As A War Criminal and Peace Hypocrite. Clare Daly Irish Parliament. Clare Daly Socialist Party Member – says it as it is. http://www.facebook.c…

Read the original: War Criminal Obama and Peace Hypocrite. – Clare Daly – Irish Socialist – Epic Speech

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Apr 192013

You took fundamentalist rhetoric at face value, whereas we in Israel know that all this rhetoric is empty and in fact these people simply want peace. Sure, Moslem fundamentalists praise Hitler and celebrate atrocities, including

Original post: <b>Israel</b> Matzav: President Peres sends a letter to President <b>Obama</b>

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Apr 192013

If Obama uses this trip as a first step of many in a concerted effort to persuade, to push, yes, to risk political capital in the name of a peace process, then this will have been, for all its limits, a signal moment. He knows that the

View post: <b>Obama</b> in <b>Israel</b>: A President at Large : The New Yorker

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Apr 192013

Appeasement sabotages any peace negotiations before they begin because overconfident terrorists begin acting like overconfident terrorists.

Read more from the original source: How <b>Obama&#39;s Israel</b> Trip Pushed Out Fayyad | FrontPage Magazine

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Jan 212013

That was the last major fight picked with Israel by Obama over the peace process since in the following months he launched a Jewish charm offensive with an eye on the 2012 presidential election. As I noted earlier, a major

Continued here: Anticipating More Obama-Bibi — Part Three « Commentary Magazine

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Jan 212013

The most anti-Israel President in American history knows what's in Israel's best interest? Like turning the first Muslim country to make a peace deal with Israel over to the Muslim Brotherhood and giving them billions?

Link: [M]Obama: "Israel doesn't know what its own best interests are …

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Sep 112012

J Street, the Washington based lobby which calls itself “The Political Home for Pro-Israel, Pro-peace Americans” is no longer on the same page as President Obama on the most vital matters of the U.S. – Israel relationship,

See the original post here: Dershowitz: J Street Stands Against Obama's Israel Policies | Jewish …


Jul 172012

Rather than interpreting his kicking Israel under the bus as an invitation to compromise and make peace, it merely convinced them they could just sit back and let Obama hammer Israel. Even when Prime Minister Netanyahu

Continue reading here: Hillary's Role in Obama's Mideast Disasters « Commentary Magazine

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Jul 172012

Yeah, because Fast and Furious was such a resounding success. (Ynet) Officials in Jerusalem say visiting US secretary of state urging government to transfer small arms to PA, release prisoners to jumpstart peace process.

See the original post here: Eye On The World: Obama administration urges Israel to start …

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May 282012

Dennis Ross worked for Obama for several years on Middle East peace. And before that he worked for Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush too. But he was always accused of bias toward Israel. Aaron David Miller called him

See the article here: Israeli consulate sponsors Obama's former Middle East peace …

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