Nov 252013

President Obama tells Tea Party members to meet a real socialist before calling him one. The President then takes a jab at the Tea Party for their hypocrisy …

See the rest here: Obama Talks Socialism

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Nov 232013

Obama Slammed As A War Criminal and Peace Hypocrite. Clare Daly Irish Parliament. Clare Daly Socialist Party Member – says it as it is. http://www.facebook.c…

Read the original: War Criminal Obama and Peace Hypocrite. – Clare Daly – Irish Socialist – Epic Speech

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Nov 232013 – CommieTunes – Episode 12 — The Democratic Party is a Socialist Party. Starring Radical Communists / Socialists / Pro…

Follow this link: DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY – CommieTunes – Episode 12 – Obama Communist / Marxist

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Nov 232013

A tea party lawmaker cited the Bible during a speech Wednesday on the House floor criticizing the Obama administration for its treatment of Israel. “There are many who have been aware of Scripture, and it has often been a?

Original post: Rep. Gohmert upset Obama's Israel policy not based on Biblical …

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Sep 062013

The Republican National Committee has launched a website showing Obamacare's impact on individual states, the party announced Wednesday.

More: RNC Launches Obamacare Impact Website | Washington Free …


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Sep 062013

From Sen. Ted Cruz to former Gov. Sarah Palin, many of the biggest conservative players in the Republican party have made defunding the Affordable Care Act one of their primary goals of 2013. But it turns out they are in the?

See the article here: Poll: Pretty much nobody wants Obamacare defunded — MSNBC


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Aug 162013

Demographic Suicide: The Tea Party’s Path to Irrelevance:–The-Tea-Party-s-Path-to-…

Read the original here: Government Shutdown & Obamacare: What Do These Creepy Tea baggers Want?



Apr 192013

2013, The Last Call For The Racist, Intolerant, ‘Stupid’ GOP-Tea Party?:…

Continue reading here: Growing Support For ‘Socialist Dictator,’ ‘King Obama’ is Driving Republicans Bat-Crap Crazy!


Jan 212013

In this week’s news video update, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses: Voter Fraud; “Coordinated” union protests across Europe; the Socialist Party (aka the Social Democrats) endorsed Obama; Change in Chinese leadership – the same old communists; UN interference in internal affairs; and Communist influences within the ACLU.

See the original post: Voter Fraud

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Jan 212013

The chairman of the Arizona Republican Party and two other Arizona members of the Electoral College on Monday questioned President Barack Obama's birth certificate during the formal casting of the state's electoral votes.

Go here to read the rest: Arizona Electors Question Barack Obama Birth Certificate


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