Dec 282010

Israel Today

President Obama's latest victories
Pakistan Observer
Now it is a common knowledge that it is essentially at the behest of Israel more than America's own choice that Iran is being pressurized and isolated to ...
If Obama could put America's own real interests first...Redress Information & Analysis

Obama's Two Bad Years in the Middle EastDar Al-Hayat
Dar Al-Hayat
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Dec 242010

Globe and Mail

Obama's indecisiveness
The Nation, Pakistan
Obama's handling of the shortly-lived peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel's rightwing government is another example of a striking ...
Barack Obama: from midterm disaster to 'lame duck'

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Oct 082010

White House: Obama will not sign bill loosening foreclosure standard
The Detroit News
Israel indicated it, too, was edging toward a compromise. Sui cide bombers kill 8 at Pakistan Sufi site: Two suspected suicide bombers attacked the most ...

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Oct 042010


Analysis: Facing stark choice, Abbas may stall
... aides say Abbas may try to stall until after November's US midterm elections, hoping Obama will then be bolder in pressuring Israel. ...
US continues Pakistan missile attacks...Abbas consults on quitting talks9&10 News

Abbas to consult aides on fate of Mideast

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Sep 152010
A newspaper in Pakistan quoted one of its country's ministers as stating he wants President Obama to offer Muslim prayers at Ground Zero and become the "Caliph," or ruler, of the Islamic nation.
Mar 302010

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Feb 212010

Remember, in 1981, [his mother] was divorcing Soetoro in Hawaii and was not in Indonesia. Obama / Soetoro admits to traveling to Indonesia first and then on to Pakistan. Soetoro / Obama claims in his book Dreams from my Father’ that he The certification of live birth posted online and widely touted as Obama’s birth certificate does not in any way prove he was born in Hawaii, since the same document is easily obtainable for children not born in Hawaii.

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Feb 122010

Diana, Dina and the new antisemitism

The Expanding US War In Pakistan

Maureen Dowd On Harold Ford Jr.: ‘A Scrubbed Toe In The Race’

Bill Maher Talks Obama’s Birth Certificate, Ann Coulter’s Balls, And More

ANP Leader Ajmal Khattak passes away

baithak has an aura. sheesha, fireplace, bulging bookshelves, rugs, divan takias and more

Jan 232010

A presentation from “The Truth about Barack Obama Part 5” I am not the only one questioning his birth certificate. This man also has the same questions. Another video to make the Obama supporters wake up and look at their candidate. Matter of fact the law firm that Obama hired is from CAIR. Council on American-Islamic Relations. Why would Obama hire a muslim lawyer IF he was a christian? Of the 1143358 resident and active attorneys in the United States, Obama selected Joe Sandler, of the …