Nov 232013

When questioned about a potential gag order given to whiteness of the Benghazi attack Obama claims ignorance.

See the original post here: Obama Questioned, Benghazi Whitness Testimony Blocking, Syria & Assad

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Apr 192013

Who Gave Order To “Stand Down” During Attacks? Benghazi Gate – Special Ops Gives 16+ Subdivision Questions To House Committee Should Ask Obama Admin!!

See the rest here: Benghazi Gate – 700 Special Ops Gives 16+ Questions To House Committee Should Ask Obama Admin!!

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Jan 212013

WOW! Obama was confronted today by Ed Henry from FOX News if he Made an Order to Protect Heroes in Benghazi. — He won’t answer.

Read more: OBAMA CONFRONTED ON BENGHAZI – Stutters Through Response

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Jan 212013

Under Pax Obama can we also have more laws restricting abortion in order to change attitudes toward it? Then we would be moving toward the Seamless Garment. Andrew Cuomo seems to be going the right way on guns,

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Jan 212013

Kids Write Obama on Abortion. by Mike Adams. I'm getting sick and tired of the Obama administration using children selectively in order to help the president advocate his public policy positions. As I sat and watched his recent

Here is the original post: The North Haven Way: Kids Write Obama on Abortion


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Nov 122012

Obama Lied-let ambassador stevens die! Lieutenant colonel Tony Shaffer says his sources tell him Obama was one of the people in the room watching the Benghazi attack go down.Shaffer believes it would have taken an order by president to

Link: Obama Lied-let ambassador stevens die! « New World Order War

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Aug 292012

We've been having some fun with a clip of David Axelrod angrily denouncing the fact that President Obama gutted Medicare by $700 Billion in order to partially pay for a brand new entitlement program. Axelrod's campaign

Continue reading here: Accuracy In Politics: Obama LIED and Grannies Died

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Aug 292012

Guilford College in North Carolina will likely be forced to charge students 75 percent more for health insurance in order to comply with federal regulations under President Barack Obama's sweeping healthcare law, college

See original here: Student Health Care Costs to Skyrocket at Guilford College Due to …



May 282012

Both Hitler and Obama hid their real identies. Hiter had a Jewish ancestry, and Obama a Muslim one. But unlike Hitler, Obama flaunted his Muslim roots in his start as a politician in order to defuse the inevitable firestorm.

Continued here: President Obama and Hitler | Jesus Will Save Ministries

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May 282012

Obama probably LIED in his agency bio when he claimed to be born in Kenya and did so because he probably LIED in his Columbia College and Harvard Law School applications – and claimed to be Kenyan, in order to


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