Jan 212013

In an obvious White House leak, columnist Jeffrey Goldberg, writing in The Atlantic, delivered Obama's latest verdict on Israel's internal policies and a thinly veiled jab at Prime Minister Netanyahu.

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Nov 122012

I must be dreaming this guy is running for president and does not know how many states there are in America! Barack Obama says “I’ve visited 57 States with one left to go. Alaska and Hawaii I was not allow to go though I really wanted to, my staff could not justify”! Is Barack Obama smarter than a 5th grader? I think the answer is obvious!


See the article here: Barack Obama "I’ve visited 57 States with one left to go"



May 282012

Liberals are, in Will's words, “waging an embarrassingly obvious campaign, hoping he will buckle beneath the pressure of their disapproval and declare Obamacare constitutional.” It's a familiar tactic, used in school cafeterias

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Feb 222012

Catholic Dolan: Obama lied to me over HHS Mandate. February 10, 2012 — bunkerville. Beside the obvious fact that Dolan was gassed by Obama over the new HHS mandate, we get a glimpse into the future and how what and when we will

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