May 132015

Did you know there are hundreds of websitesthat deal with Obama lies.

And why are there so many websites that deal with this subject?Probably because there are so many Obama lies.

Never have we had such a documented liar inthe White House.

BIll Clinton lied about his affair with Monica Lewinski.

George H W Bushlied when he said "Read my lips, no new taxes.

" But Barack Hussein Obama lies as if the artof lying is a finely tuned skill that at least requires a Master's Degree and quite possiblya Ph.


President Obama has that Ph.


like no oneelse and his lies are as frequent and epic as any we have heard from any politician atany time in American history.

There are thousands of lies Obama has told.

How many would youlike and does it even matter.

Well, we think it does.

Here are the top 7 documented Obama lies thatshould have gotten him impeached long ago: 1.

Carried out military intervention in Libyawith no Congressional approval This was the start of the Arab spring thathas brought so much turmoil to the Middle East.

We now have chaos run amok in Syria,Yemen, Libya, somewhat in Egypt, all because Obama thought he would go it alone in Libyaand get rid of Gaddafi.

Thanks Obama.


Created an administration full of lobbyistsafter promising he would have none.

Despite President Obama saying that lobbyists“will not work in my White House” he has hired more than 40.

I thought things wouldbe different.

Thanks Obama.


Obama Supported the $700 billion TARP corporate-welfarebailout just like Bush.

Despite using the giant deficits this createdon an almost daily basis during his first term, President Obama voted for the $700 billionTARP bank bailout bill.

The bailout rewarded irresponsible and illegal behavior and punishedhard working taxpayers.

Thanks Obama.


Obama let 6-time tax cheater Timothy Geithnerhead the government agency that enforces tax laws and counts the nation's money.

Geithnerfailed to pay $34,000 in Social Security taxes, took money out of his retirement plan earlyand paid no withdrawal penalty and various other tax dodges.

And they expect all of usto follow the law.

Thanks Obama 5.

Obama gave tax dollars to AIG executives,then acted like he was outraged about it Prior to signing a stimulus bill that spentmoney on bonuses for AIG executives, Obama had said, “when I’m president, I willgo line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely.

” Sure.

Thanks Obama.


Obama Increased the national debt morein one term than Bush did in two terms.

Actually it took Obama only 3 years and twomonths to reach the national debt increase Bush did in 8 years.

Thanks Obama.


Lied about letting people keep their healthinsurance.

This is the biggest lie of any president inAmerican history and we need to keep this in front of as many people as we can all thetime.

Before Obamacare was passed, Obama said: “No matter how we reform health care, wewill keep this promise to the American people… If you like your health care plan, you’llbe able to keep your health care plan, period.

No one will take it away, no matter what.

” And we all know, that was never true and Obamaknew it all along.

Thanks Obama.

Is there any doubt, and doubt whatsoever thatObama is the most manipulative liar to ever occupy the White House? Frankly, we have neversee anything like this man and no one knows what he has up his sleeve next.

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May 152012

Fox’s Sean Hannity has been running a series all week, where along with the Breitbart stooges, he claims that he’s going to “vet the President” and we got treated to another example this Monday with one of Hannity’s favorite guests, pervert and resident liar extraordinaire, Dick Morris. After running Rick Santorum’s recent apocalyptic ad, “Obamaville,” Morris decided to pile on with more fear-mongering. Morris warned that if reelected, Obama’s going to eliminate private insurance and give us single payer (the horror!). He’s going to eliminate opening up more oil drilling in the United States. He’s going to give the G20 and the IMF sovereignty over our economy. He’s going to make us get approval from Russia and China before going to war. He’s going to take away your guns. Be afraid … be very afraid! After showing another ad from Karl Rove’s PAC, American Crossroads, with Obama supposedly debating himself, Morris wrapped up the segment with this: HANNITY: You’ve got to love those ads too with him … Obama debating Obama. What did you think of that ad? MORRIS: Well, I think that that’s where he’s going to go. I think he always moves to the left after the election. But the most important thing, I didn’t get to. He’s going to transform America into two countries; a small number of people that pay taxes and a large number of people who don’t work and are dependent upon the government, to create a permanent, leftist, Socialist base in the United States.

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Americans increasingly are convinced — incorrectly — that President Barack Obama is a Muslim, and a growing number are thoroughly confused about his religion.

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Obama, Shalom From Israel – Compassion for Prisoners. Revital Edri. Migdal Haemek, Israel. [Address and telephone number deleted for posting – JW]. 10 April 2012. President Barack Obama. The White House. Washington

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Feb 222012

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