Nov 272013

TIME political analyst Mark Halperin appeared on Morning Joe Wednesday morning to explain his controversial interview with Newsmax TV's Steve Malzberg yesterday, during which Halperin agreed with the host that death?

Here is the original post: 'Death Panel' Interview, Defends Point About Obamacare's 'Rationing'


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Nov 262013

“Texas Sen. Ted Cruz got into a little bit of a verbal skirmish on Wednesday morning when CNN anchor Chris Cuomo pressed him on whether he’d offered any solu…

See original here: Ted Cruz Bristles At CNN Anchor’s Obamacare Questions


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Nov 232013

On Friday's CBS This Morning, the co-hosts interviewed Mitt and Ann Romney at 8:17 in the show's second hour. Strangely, CBS Evening News couldn't find a single soundbite of any length from that interview that was worth?

See the article here: CBS Asks Romney If Obama 'Lied To The American People On …

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Sep 042013

As of Labor Day morning, more than a million people have signed the Don't Fund It petition. This is an incredible accomplishment by Senators Ted Cruz.

See the rest here: More than a million people sign petition to defund ObamaCare …


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Aug 162013

8/13/13 – Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer is not pleased with Congress. Hemmer spoke with Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) this morning about the “exemptions” members …

Read more: Bill Hemmer Goes Off on Congress for Obamacare Exemption: ‘Absolutely Ridiculous!’


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Aug 152013

On Tuesday morning, The New York Times reported the Obama administration had delayed a “significant consumer protection” in the Affordable Care Act, a provision that limits how much individuals and families can pay?

Link: ObamaCare Suffers Another Setback, ABC and NBC Ignore …


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Apr 192013

2/7/13 – Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testified this morning on Capitol Hill that President Barack Obama was absent the night four Americans were murdered …

The rest is here: Leon Panetta: Obama Was Absent on Night of Benghazi

Apr 192013

Famed Baltimore neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson addressed the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday morning on healthcare. Dr. Carson often criticized Obama…

View original post here: Dr. Benjamin Carson Addresses National Prayer Breakfast, Criticizes Obamacare


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Jan 212013

The Obama Administration is legally forcing the owners of Hobby Lobby David and Barbara Green to provide “Morning after Abortion Pill” to their employees in the Obamacare Health Plan http

Read the original: Obama "Forcing Christians Against Faith" Hobby Lobby!


Nov 122012

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated President Barack Obama on his reelection. In a statement released Wednesday morning, he said: The strategic alliance between Israel and the US is stronger than

Read the original: Israel Congratulates Obama, but Large Questions Loom about …

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