May 312010

Video of fog coming off of the river in the winter do to the temperature difference. I guess it is some form of evaporation.

If you want to know what river it is, it is the one right out my back door. It does this fog thing about 10 or 20 times a year, and that is a guess because I don’t get up early enough on the weekends to see it. Also, if it is an all around foggy day, then it might be doing it, but you cannot see it, because the fog is in the way.

This all reminds me that in the global warming models they do not calculate into them the effect of cloud cover. This is what I have heard and read, but I am still not 100% sure that it is true, but if it is true, then their calculations could be way off. The reason is because as the oceans get warmer they evaporate more, and that evaporation could create more cloud cover on the earth which in return would block the sunlight, thereby cooling the earth. Now I’m no expert like Al Gore, but it only makes sense to me that this could be a big flaw in their studies and that this global warming think might not be something to worry about. At least we should not destroy our economy over it.