Nov 232013

The reviews are in, and Obamacare is a disaster. No, it is worse than that. Obamacare is a debacle, a shambles, a wreck, a fiasco, a flop, a failure and a farce. To the media, Obamacare is such a catastrophe that mere words?

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Aug 152013

Let me be blunt. If you are opposed to using the Continuing Resolution to de-fund Obamacare because you are afraid that conservatives and the GOP might take the blame in the media, then you are a political coward.

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Apr 192013

4/12/13 – The alleged media “blackout” of the Dr. Kermit Gosnell trial appears to be coming to an end. Megyn Kelly and her Fox News panel took on the story o…

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Apr 192013

Where is the Beast? New RFID and Bicryptology tied to Social Media and also also http…

Link: New RFID Technology "Obamacare Beware" 666


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Jan 212013

Political author and researcher Trevor Loudon presents key findings from his extensive research — identifying President Obama’s inner circle of friends, socialist supporters, and the mentors who dramatically influenced his political perspective. His findings are eye-opening because the mainstream media has consistently refused to inform the American public about Barack Obama’s motivations and underlying ideology. With the approaching 2012 elections, it is critically important that voters have a clear understanding of what they can expect if he is re-elected. Mr. Loudon describes himself as, “… a political researcher from Christchurch, New Zealand. “I believe in freedom with responsibility, not freedom from responsibility. My ideal society is one in which government is confined to protecting its citizens from criminals and external enemies. I believe in working with all those who are moving in broadly the same direction.” Russia’s Nikita Khrushchev once threatened the USA with “We will bury you.” This victory would occur without firing a shot because the working class of America would become Communists and replace Capitalism. That prophecy is now being fulfilled by President Barack Obama, according to Mr. Loudon. According to Glenn Beck, “Trevor Loudon does the job that few in the media ever attempt. This eye-opening book is proof that one person really can make a difference, especially when they have no agenda other than finding the truth.” – Unlocking

Original post: An Urgent Message for America

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Jan 212013

Dick Morris: ‘I Goofed’ With Romney Landslide Prediction, ‘I Was Wrong’ To Question Media Polls In a new video on his website, Dick Morris explained how he “goofed” when he predicted not only that Mitt Romney would win the presidential election, but that he would win by a big margin, if not a landslide. It came down to the assumptions underlying the polling, he said. Acknowledging he was wrong, Morris said the media’s polls turned out to be accurate. “I thought Obama would be buried in a landslide, instead I’ve been in a bit of a mudslide on my face,” Morris said. “Sorry about that. I was wrong.” Morris said all his analysis suggested that the media polls were wrong — and that conclusion was based “on the assumption that they were wrong, the media was wrong, in saying that there would be the same high level of black, Latino and young voter turnout in 2012 that there was in 2008.” Because there wasn’t the same level of turnout in the years prior, he added. “I was wrong,” he said, “and the media polls were right.” “I think I always said that if we adopt their turnout assumptions, their numbers are right,” Morris added. And they turned out to be right. Speaking more broadly, Morris said, “This signals a permanent change in the American electorate. This is not your father’s United States. This is a United States with a permanently high turnout of blacks, Latinos and young people.” If the “very good candidate” Romney couldn’t win against the “dismal” Obama, Morris asserted

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Jan 212013

One of the odd things about socialists is that while redistributing wealth, they tend to redistribute it into their own pockets. After the socialist candidate Francoise Hollande won the presidential election in France last week, it was reported he owned three homes on the French Riviera, an area that makes Beverly Hills look like a slum. The same goes for Valerie Jarrett, the slum lord extraordinaire in then-Senator Obama’s district. While championing “social justice” with Obama, and living in the lap of luxury on the taxpayers’ dime, the conditions at Chicago’s Grove Parc Plaza, the government subsidized housing managed by Jarrett’s Habitat Co. (she was the CEO from 2001-2008), were appalling: rampant mice, roaches, broken windows. Looking at the conditions, listening to the tenants talk to reporters in 2008, makes one cringe. But more so makes one wonder if the mainstream media can go fifty years into the past to dig up some non-existent Romney bullying incident, why couldn’t they have driven a few miles from Senator Obama’s campaign headquarters to see the abhorrent conditions at Grove Parc Plaza? Of course we know it was because the mainstream media protected Obama then, and protects him to this day. Slum lords that foist these types of conditions on their tenants generally go to jail. But apparently in the United States, they become chief advisors to the President. Valerie Jarrett should be served with a warrant today and jailed. Then we can get to the business of

Excerpt from: Valerie Jarrett Was Slum Lord in Obama’s State Senate District

Nov 122012

Al-Qaeda attacked the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the Obama Administration’s immediately response was to blame an obscure video made in the USA and by extension attacking the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Obama regime for the first eight to ten days lied and tried to blame the video rather than call it for what it was, an act of terrorism by Al-Qaeda. Four Americans were murdered: Chris Stevens, 52, United States Ambassador Sean Smith, 34, former US Air Force Glen Doherty, 42, former US Navy Seal Tyrone Woods, 41, former US Navy Seal – Interesting the news media reported the State Department’s expose’ of the Obama lie. However reporting it and buried it. Example: It was on page four of The Dallas Morning News. Was Watergate reported on page four? – In 1972 Republican Party operatives broke into Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate building in Washington, DC. President Richard Nixon was not involved in the planning and execution of the break-in, however he was involved in the so-called “cover-up.” For that the news media drove President Nixon out of town, forcing him to resign in 1974. Remember with Watergate NO ONE DIED! (This of course is an abbreviated account). Thirty eight years later President Obama is involved in another cover-up, this time FOUR AMERICANS ARE DEAD! Where is the media consistency? After eight to ten days of lying to the American public, the Obama Administration (President Obama and Hillary Clinton) then

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Nov 122012

In an astonishing display of media malpractice, CBS News quietly released proof–two days before the election, far too late to reach the media and the public–that President Barack Obama lied to the public about the Benghazi

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