Nov 232013

As a 36-year cancer survivor, I am watching with great interest as the debate rages over whether the Affordable Care Act strengthens the individual insurance market, as the law's supporters contend, or dismantles it, as critics?

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Sep 062013

Disruption to the labor market is likely to be far greater from the Affordable Care Act than what Massachusetts faced after it adopted its own health care law, an economist writes.

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Sep 042013

This is what opposition to ObamaCare gets you. ObamaCare lowers the deficit, too, so there is no reason to oppose this market based healthcare reform law, but that isn't stopping Republicans like Rick Perry who is costing?

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Apr 192013

Obamacare’s War on Full-Time Jobs Will Sucker Punch Economy :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free Website.

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Aug 292012

Government spending drives up the price of healthcare beyond the rate of inflation. We need to promote free market competition to reverse this process.

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Aug 292012

In the bad old days before Obamacare, if a cancer survivor like Rothfus lost his job and his employer health coverage, and then tried to buy health insurance on the individual market, he'd be refused coverage. If he got a new

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May 152012

Slouching towards Merkollande Frau Merkel and Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron were and remain all for “austerity”. Iron Lady Angela badly wanted King Sarko to remain in place. Yet Hollande sent special envoys to Berlin last week. As a pragmatist, he knew that Merkel had seen first hand how Sarko could also be arrogant and unpredictable. Hollande is a self-effacing, down to earth pragmatist fond of consensus who happens to be an economist who once taught at the elite Sciences Po in Paris. He’s no radical. “Merkollande” will have to be born out of pragmatism. The really tough nut to crack will be German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaueuble – the Wotan of Austerity in the eurozone. Merkel and Schaueuble would need to be hacked to death by a gang of Visigoths to let go of their fiscal pact – to which King Sarko subscribed. Mario Draghi – former Goldman Sachs hand and president of the European Central Bank (ECB) – wants a growth pact as well. He – and the neo-liberal elite – see it as even freer markets, that is, a hire-and-fire free for all, perhaps coupled with more public investment in infrastructure. Hollande is totally against the uncontrolled, unregulated mega-free market. As for public investment, the only nations who could pull it off need good credit rating and low financial costs. Virtually none in the EU now qualify. So it would be up to Germany. The capital would have to be German. We should expect Hollande to convince Merkel that sooner or later Germans

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Apr 112012

Sean Higgins at Investor's Business Daily reports on a new IBD health care poll: Polls continue to show it has little popular support either. For example, a poll just conducted for IBD by TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence found

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Feb 282012

Tune into Obama’s State of the Union and see what socialist America-haters he is channeling! This Kenyan Socialist is out to put the free market on trial, clearly. A Mark Fiore political animation.

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