Nov 282013

Today it is reported that the claim that Obamacare doesn't fund abortion with tax dollars is not only false but the abortion scope is enormous. The “administration is pursuing avenues to make public abortion subsidies available?

Go here to read the rest: Obama's Lie Exposed: Obamacare Abortion Coverage is Enormous …


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Nov 232013

Abortion Barbie Supports Obama's “Green Energy” Agenda. From the “Strong Economy” section of Wendy Davis' campaign website: As Governor, Wendy will work to make Texas the national leader … in renewable energy?

Excerpt from: Abortion Barbie Supports Obama's "Green Energy" Agenda


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Apr 192013

In a 2002 speech, Obama explained that he trusted all abortionists to make responsible decisions.

Go here to read the rest: Barack <b>Obama&#39;s</b> misplaced, blind faith in <b>abortion</b> doctors | The <b>…</b>


Apr 192013

President Barack Obama believes that if he were president 25 years ago, his economic policies would make him a moderate Republican. During an interview with …

View original post here: Obama: I’m a Moderate Republican Not a Socialist


Apr 192013

Tax the rich, put unions in control, nationalize healthcare, weaken the military and make everyone dependent on government handouts seems to be Obama’s plan …

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Apr 192013

Americans Get Ready To Pay!!! Free Health Care Push For Illegals Illegal Aliens Make Commercial Demanding “Free” Health Care – Wake Up America -Cavuto.

Go here to see the original: Illegal Aliens Make Commercial Demanding "Free" Health Care – Obamacare – Wake Up America -Cavuto


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Jan 212013

The most anti-Israel President in American history knows what's in Israel's best interest? Like turning the first Muslim country to make a peace deal with Israel over to the Muslim Brotherhood and giving them billions?

Link: [M]Obama: "Israel doesn't know what its own best interests are …

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Nov 122012

The Fuhrer believes a teleprompter will make his speeches even more kick-ass. Things go awry when Hitler attempts to distract Obama by heckling the US President.

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