Nov 242013

It was predictable that GOP hawks like Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) wouldn't love the historic deal the Obama administration reached with Iran on Saturday night. But Texas Senator John Cornyn had a unique,?

Original post: John Cornyn, Texas Senator, Says Iran Deal Is Obamacare Distraction


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Apr 192013

For GOP’s Love Of ‘Socialist’ Margaret Thatcher MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell delivered an unexpectedly laudatory eulogy for Margaret Thatcher on The Last Word …

Original post: Lawrence O’Donnell: ‘Ignorance Is The First Requirement’

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Nov 122012

Barack Blames Fox for loss of White Voters. Can this man tell the truth? I love the 57 states!!!

See the rest here: Barack Obama speaks of the 57 States of America!!!


Nov 122012

President Barack Obama has made no secret that he's a fan Showtime's “Homeland.” Obama has been singing the Emmy-winning drama's praises since the first season and the cast and network have returned the love for the

Read the original post: Damian Lewis Signed Obama's 'Homeland' DVD Set With A Muslim …

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Sep 112012

Obama Lied. Jobs Died. Yo Momma Cried. September 7, 2012. By Brandon. Screen Shot 2012-09-07 at 11.57.40 AM. Good news for people who love bad news! Throughout the DNC we heard one speaker after another, including the light

Read more here: Obama Lied. Jobs Died. Yo Momma Cried. | Misfit Politics

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Aug 292012

The Democrats' message to America. Sharia – live it, love it, learn it. video h/t 0MadeInEngland1 Washington Times – CHARLOTTE — A storm is headed toward Florida, and there may be another one en route to Charlotte.

View post: Video: Obama campaign to feature Muslim platform “Jumah at the …

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Jul 172012

I'd love to see a followup by a conservative superPac dealing with all the other outright lies Barack Obama has told the American people during his occupation of the Oval Office…maybe with an animated Pinocchio nose that

Link: Mitt Romney's New Ad: 'Obama Lied' ~ J O S H U A P U N D I T

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Jul 172012

Obama Can Not Change who He is, he is a communist, he is a socialist, George Soros, his donors won’t let him, call it what it is, Obama must destroy America, gay marriage, Obama has sold his soul “CHECK OUT MY NEW STATION CALLED THETRUTHDAMIT”

Continued here: Obama Can Not Change Who He Is

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May 152012

Fox’s Sean Hannity has been running a series all week, where along with the Breitbart stooges, he claims that he’s going to “vet the President” and we got treated to another example this Monday with one of Hannity’s favorite guests, pervert and resident liar extraordinaire, Dick Morris. After running Rick Santorum’s recent apocalyptic ad, “Obamaville,” Morris decided to pile on with more fear-mongering. Morris warned that if reelected, Obama’s going to eliminate private insurance and give us single payer (the horror!). He’s going to eliminate opening up more oil drilling in the United States. He’s going to give the G20 and the IMF sovereignty over our economy. He’s going to make us get approval from Russia and China before going to war. He’s going to take away your guns. Be afraid … be very afraid! After showing another ad from Karl Rove’s PAC, American Crossroads, with Obama supposedly debating himself, Morris wrapped up the segment with this: HANNITY: You’ve got to love those ads too with him … Obama debating Obama. What did you think of that ad? MORRIS: Well, I think that that’s where he’s going to go. I think he always moves to the left after the election. But the most important thing, I didn’t get to. He’s going to transform America into two countries; a small number of people that pay taxes and a large number of people who don’t work and are dependent upon the government, to create a permanent, leftist, Socialist base in the United States.

Continue reading here: Dick Morris Obama ‘Permanent, Leftist, Socialist Base’ Dependent on Government if Reelected

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