Nov 282013

He was born with a rare form of cancer and lost his health insurance just after Obamacare went into effect. Americans were told the health-care law was designed to help children just like Hunter, born with a deadly pre-existing?

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Nov 232013

The memo distributed to House Republicans this week was concise and blunt, listing talking points and marching orders: “Because of Obamacare, I Lost My Insurance.” “Obamacare Increases Health Care Costs.

Visit link: Breaking 'news': Republicans coordinating attacks on Obamacare


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Nov 122012

Barack Obama is nothing without his teleprompter. This is why he lost the first debate of the 2012 Presidential Election. Mitt Romney dominated him during the debate.

Visit link: FUNNY-Obama-Teleprompter-Malfunction


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Sep 112012

And that is very bad news for a party whose vote is cobbled together by frightening black people about a return to slavery and women about a ban on abortion. Mitt gained seven points and Obama lost five among women after

More here: Obama's Strange All-Abortion, All-The-Time Convention | FrontPage …



Aug 292012

In the bad old days before Obamacare, if a cancer survivor like Rothfus lost his job and his employer health coverage, and then tried to buy health insurance on the individual market, he'd be refused coverage. If he got a new

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Apr 112012

The fact that Obama lied is no longer news. We have come to question anything he says. Truth means absolutely nothing to this person. The fact that all these jobs were lost is bad enough but the true tragedy in his space

See original here: Former U.S. space program worker: Obama “lied” to us in 2008 …

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Oct 122010

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Have American Jews lost faith in Obama?
Senior members of the US community Jewish have spoken up against Obama's foreign policy regarding Israel, and it what is considered a rarity, have said that ...
Not-So-Shocking Poll: Christians Very Pro-Israel, Atheists…Not So Much…Weasel Zippers

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