Dec 242010

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FOCUS ON ISRAEL Washington's reality check
President Obama thought he would seem more even-handed in Arab eyes when he demanded Israel stop all construction in territories taken in the 1967 Six-Day ...
Obama: Earn your Nobel PrizeHa'aretz

A suggestion to promote Middle East peaceWashington Post (blog)
The Palestinians' brilliant ''peace' strategy -- Drive a big wedge between the ...American Thinker (blog)
Eurasia Review -Daily Times -Los Angeles Times
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Dec 242010

Fox News

Obama: Earn your Nobel Prize
To the winners among Israel's political class, the status quo might even be the best of all possible worlds. Of course, not all Israelis find the status quo ...
FOCUS ON ISRAEL Washington's reality

Israel-Palestine – can Obama's errors be rectified?Eurasia Review
A suggestion to promote Middle East peaceWashington Post (blog)
American Thinker (blog) -Los Angeles Times -Daily Times
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Dec 232010

Pollard as a bridge over troubled diplomatic water?
Jerusalem Post
After Obama's first two rather rocky years with Israel, releasing Pollard would be a huge push on the reset button in his relations with American Jews. ...
No special deals for PollardBoston Globe

Israel Plans Public Appeal to Ask US to Free a SpyNew York Times
Why Is Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Back in the News?Salem-News.Com
Huffington Post -Los Angeles Times -Ha'aretz
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Dec 232010

No special deals for Pollard
Boston Globe
Obama should remind Netanyahu that Israel is responsible for Pollard's fate. In 1984, Pollard was an unsolicited walk-in who believed the United States was ...
Pollard as a bridge over troubled diplomatic water?Jerusalem Post

Israel Plans Public Appeal to Ask US to Free a SpyNew York Times
Netanyahu to formally call for release of Israeli spy Jonathan PollardHa'aretz
Huffington Post -Los Angeles Times -Salem-News.Com
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Dec 222010

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Arab Nations to Seek UN Pressure on Israel to Stop Settlements
The Palestinian envoy to the UN, Riyad Mansour, said that US diplomats told him that the Obama administration opposes having the Security Council take up a ...
Roadblocks to Mideast peaceLos Angeles Times

No fanciful thinking in Mideast negotiationsIndianapolis Star
Palestine – Hark the Herald Devil SingsJ-Wire Jewish Australian News Service
Jerusalem Post -Gulf Today
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Dec 212010

Israel-Palestine – can Obama's errors be rectified?
Eurasia Review
... has made it so – and in the process has strengthened the hands of Obama's pro-settlement, anti-peace process opponents in Israel and the United States. ...
The US needs to get tough with IsraelLos Angeles Times

What If the Palestinians Turn to the UN?TIME (blog)
Statehood Gambit By Palestinians Seen SeriousThe Jewish Week
Jerusalem Post -Washington Post (blog) -Post Chronicle
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Dec 202010

San Francisco Chronicle (blog)

Senate vote on nuclear treaty may be defining moment for Obama
Los Angeles Times
In Israel, some conservative political leaders have said they see Obama's poll numbers and political strength ebbing, and have urged their government to ...
Republicans' unpatriotic resistance to New STARTAtlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

The Caucus: The Early Word: Writing the Ending for New StartNew York Times (blog)
UPI NewsTrack
Washington Post (blog)
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Dec 182010

Wealth and politics in America; Ronald Reagan and the FBI; Israel's conditions ...
Los Angeles Times
No wonder President Obama was blindsided by the anger of those offended by his compromise with Republicans preserving the Bush tax cuts. ...

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Dec 062010

Wikileaks Contradicts Obama Administration on Iran
Hudson New York
Ever since the Obama Administration tried to put pressure on Israel by linking the end of the occupation to Iran, I have pointed out the absurdity of this ...
Obama's Iran failureYnetnews

Could Israel Be Using Wikileaks to Prepare US for Air Strike Against Iran?Salem-News.Com
Why Should Iran Trust President Obama?Monthly Review
Gulf Today -OpEdNews -Los Angeles Times
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Oct 232010

Not a good swap
Los Angeles Times
Four Democrats in Congress are circulating a letter urging President Obama to release Pollard as a way of encouraging Israel to make "difficult decisions" ...
Jewish leaders in shameful betrayal of Jonathan Pollard and basic Jewish valuesAmerican Thinker (blog)

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