Nov 232013

Sean Hannity on Wednesday offered up a “dare” to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: Now that the reelection campaign is over, call President Barack Obama “a liar.” Hannity told his radio show listeners he wanted to hear the?

See the rest here: Sean Hannity to Chris Christie: Say President Obama lied … – Politico

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Jan 212013

On Presidential debate 2 day Marwan hosts Barry who pretended to run for President of the United States 4 years ago and is now pretending to run for re-election. Like any good politician ( Obama ) Barry takes a crack at inventing some good campaign lies. 57 states, Libya, healthcare mandate, the deficit, fix the economy, one term President…Barry is at his pathological best. His role as a liar quickly ends when he is haunted by political spirits ( Hillary Biden ?).

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Nov 122012

The Epic Takedown of Fox’s ‘Syphilitic LIAR’ Sean Hannity By General Colin Powell:

Link: Pants on Fire!: The Republican Campaign of LIES Against Obama (P 2/2)


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Sep 112012

Ten Of Barack Obama's Worst Lies SEPTEMBER 4, 2012 BY DERRICK HOLLENBECK 50 COMMENTS Attempting to select THE ten worst lies told by a pathological liar like Barack Obama is a difficult task. There are so many

The rest is here: Ten Of Barack Obama's Worst Lies « The perpetual view's Blog


Jul 172012

Barack Obama has developed quite a record as a liar. He lied for more than a decade about where he was born. He lied about many aspects of his life in his fictional “memoir.” He lied about his Chicago years and his activities

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May 282012

Was Obama lying about his physical place of birth then or is he lying now? Either way he's a liar. He's also a felony draft registration evader, government document forger, and identity thief using someone else's CT Social

See the original post here: Obama lies about place of birth, Kenya?, Hawaii?, Obama …

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May 282012

More documented lies from the most documented liar/White House in history. Obama is out campaigning that the record amount of deficits and debt he's responsible for isn't really his deficits or debt. And to top it off, Obama,

Read the original post: WaPo FactChecker: Obama/WH Lied When He Claimed He Slowed …

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Oct 212010

CBS News

Tight Races Mean Senate Control Anyone's Guess
CBS News
by WEEZEROFOZ October 22, 2010 9:10 AM EDT Lets not forget what barry soetoro an the democrats have done to America. This guy is such a liar he even has to ...

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Oct 192010
Do you like this story? On Saturday, Obama came to Boston to stump for Deval Patrick in his run for a second term as Governor of Massachusetts.A Obama gave his typical rally up the base speech to the typical mindless drones that attend these rallies.A As usual Obama stretched the truth and outright lied but this speech his nose grew 2 feet longer ...