Nov 262013

In the too little, too late department, CNN has finally decided that their job is no longer to counter President Obama's health care message with deliberately one-sided and suppressed reporting, and has now decided to show?

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Nov 262013

Late last week Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) made a big show of trying but failing to sign up for Obamacare because of the notoriously buggy website. (Actually he appears to have been using the DC exchange site.)?

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Nov 122012

One of Barack Obama's biggest fans in the media, David Letterman, said on Tuesday's Late Show that he was “upset” and “discouraged” the president during Monday's debate lied about Mitt Romney wanting to let Detroit go

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Aug 292012

Abortion opponents have long decried Obama's record in the Illinois legislature on regulating late-term abortions, but little money has been spent to advertise on the issue since he became president. “Many children, more

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Aug 292012

While Israel—cheered on by its American boosters led by AIPAC and Mitt Romney—beats the drums ever louder for a war of aggression against Iran, President Obama in late July signed the United States-Israel Enhanced

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Jul 172012

I posted this very late last night after an unusually trying day. I wanted to write something about it but just didn't have the juice then. I would like to add now, that an explanation for why law-enforcement agencies in Canada and

See the rest here: RCMP gets 'Obama disease'. Refuses to use terms Islam or Muslim …

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Jul 172012

#OBAMA 2012 The Muslim Admission Shocker #RELIGION. We had an interesting chap quoting a lot of text at us last night; all a bit late in the very early morning to have paid enough attention … Nevertheless, we woke us to

Excerpt from: Occupy The Banks – Hash #OTB: #OBAMA 2012 The Muslim …

Jul 172012

I suspect that this is wrong, and the reasons Netanyahu was more willing to take on Obama than he was Clinton include: (1) Clinton was very popular with Israelis in the late 1990s. Obama was very unpopular with Israelis in

Follow this link: The Volokh Conspiracy » Washington Post Article on Obama's Israel …

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May 152012

But Obama's record on abortion is extreme. He opposed the ban on partial-birth abortion — a practice a fellow Democrat, the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, once called “too close to infanticide.” Obama strongly criticized the

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