Nov 122012

Katherine Forrest is today’s hero, and Rep. Allan West is the villain! LIKE Breaking The Set @ FOLLOW Abby Martin @ SEGMENT SYNOPSIS: Abby Martin highlights US District Judge Katherine Forrest for ruling against the latest National Defense Authorization law for infringing on the constitution, and calls out Rep. Allan West for calling the Obama Forward Campaign a ‘Marxist-Socialist Agenda’ ABOUT HEROES AND VILLAINS: It’s difficult at times to sort through the negativity on the corporate press for inspiration. On Breaking the Set, Abby highlights the heroes out there doing good work while also calling out villains who undermine American democracy. ABOUT BREAKING THE SET: A brand new show on the RT Network hosted by Abby Martin. There are way too many rules set in society that prop up the establishment — an establishment that works to divide and conquer the people. ‘Breaking the Set’ seeks to smash through the Left/Right Paradigm set in the media and political establishment to find the middle ground: the truth. It is a show that cuts through that pre-established narrative which tells the people what to think and what to care about. Tune in from 6-6:30 EST MF on your local cable station OR watch live at OR SUBSCRIBE to the official YouTube channel @

Read the original: NDAA: Unconstitutional, Obama’s Marxist/Socialist Agenda | Heroes And Villains

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