Nov 232013

In short, he identifies the intricate ways in which the Obama administration is trying to separate Israel from its American Jewish supporters. If you buy his theory, and there's a slim chance that all readers will buy it, the Obama?

Link: Obama, Iran, Israel, and the Jewish “Appetite for Blood” | Rosner's …

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Nov 232013

That's because the Obama Administration has myriad ambitions across the Middle East, and Israel is more than tangentially involved in a lot of them. The tensions are likely to spillover into some or all of those venues.

Excerpt from: US-Israel Tension Complicates Obama's Regional Goals — News …

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Nov 232013

“America and Israel are in uncharted waters,” the report, titled “Obama's Fight With Israel: This Time It's Serious,” said. “Not since Menachem Begin trashed Ronald Reagan's 1982 peace plan has Israel so publicly criticized a?

Read the rest here: Report: Obama's Iran policy puts 'America and Israel in uncharted …

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Nov 232013

Iran says repeatedly that Israel must be wiped off the map, that Israel is doomed to destruction, etc. But according to Obama and his friends, Israel is the one stirring up war. Obama needs to do the right thing and put our?

Original post: Obama Administration Figure Says Israel is Stirring Up a War With Iran

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Nov 232013

The Washington Free Beacon's Ellison Barber argues the Obama administration's negotiations with Iran over the past few months has eroded Israel's trust of the United States.

View post: Ellison Barber: Obama Admin Has 'Eroded' Israel's Trust of U.S. …


Nov 232013

This is exactly what the Obama wants him to do. He wants Israel to strike so his hands are clean. When the resulting conflict spreads across the Middle East, as it's likely to do, the United States, and their western allies, will get?

The rest is here: Obama Engineers Israeli Strike On Iran | The Daily Sheeple

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Nov 232013

While Obama and his Islamic infiltrated government are doing all they can to buy time for Iran to complete their nuclear preps, they have also been stalling Israel and the world claiming just the opposite. How Progressive of?

Originally posted here: Note to Israel: Obama is Not Your Friend | Right Wing News

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Nov 232013

A tea party lawmaker cited the Bible during a speech Wednesday on the House floor criticizing the Obama administration for its treatment of Israel. “There are many who have been aware of Scripture, and it has often been a?

Original post: Rep. Gohmert upset Obama's Israel policy not based on Biblical …

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