Jan 212013

2013/01/15 – President Obama has said privately that “Israel doesn't know what its own best interests are,” columnist Jeffrey Goldberg wrote. – Obama: 'Israel doesn't know what its own best interests are'

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Jan 212013

The headline writers at Bloomberg knew exactly which part of Jeffrey Goldberg's column would prove juiciest to those perusing the web today: “Obama: 'Israel Doesn't Know What Its Best Interests Are'”. The quote from the

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Jan 212013

Netanyahu aides accused Obama of interfering in the Israeli election following publication of an article by Jeffrey Goldberg, which quoted the president as saying: “Israel doesn't know what its own best interests are.” Obama

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Jan 212013

The message was delivered via Jeffrey Goldberg, Obama: 'Israel Doesn't Know What Its Own Best Interests Are'. There's so much wrong in Goldberg's narrative it's hard to know where to begin, but note the message is one of

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Jan 212013

The White House is not denying a report that President Obama repeatedly said that “Israel doesn't know what its own best interests are.” The comment, reported in a Bloomberg View column by Jeffrey Goldberg on Monday,

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Nov 122012

Danon told KleinOnline: “Obama's victory demonstrates that the state of Israel must take care of its own interests. We cannot rely on anyone but ourselves. Obama has hurt the United States by his naïve leadership in foreign


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Nov 122012

Once Obamacare is up and running, the private and bureaucratic interests that benefit from the monstrosity will protect it regardless of its failure. It would have been so much better, so much cheaper, and so much simpler to

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Apr 112012

www.RonPaul.com – 04 Lately many have characterized this administration as socialist or having strong socialist leanings. I differ with this characterization. This is not to say Mr. Obama believes in free markets by any means. On the contrary, he has done and said much that demonstrates his fundamental misunderstanding and hostility toward the truly free market. But a closer, honest examination of his policies and actions in office reveals that much like the previous administration he is very much a corporatist. This, in many ways, can be more insidious and worse than being an outright socialist. Socialism is a system where the government directly owns and manages businesses. Corporatism is a system where businesses are nominally in private hands, but are in fact controlled by the government. In a corporatist state, government officials often act in collusion with their favored business interests to design policies that give those interests a monopoly position to the detriment of competitors and consumers. A careful examination of the policies pursued by the Obama administration and his allies in Congress shows that their agenda is corporatist. For example, the healthcare bill that recently passed has not established a Canadian-style government-run single-payer healthcare system. Instead it relies on mandates, forcing every American to purchase private health insurance or pay a fine. It also includes subsidies for low income Americans and government run healthcare


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Dec 282010

Israel Today

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Alan Hart argues that if US President Barack Obama was able to put America's own real interests above those of Israel, he would win the hearts ...

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