Nov 232013

Don’t just watch — spread. Tell everyone on the IM list about this video, email it, post it on forums — this is one of the most important elections in the …

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Nov 122012

As I have said more than once, this is the most important election of my lifetime coming up tomorrow. There really isn't much I can rehash or say as to the complete failure that is Barak Hussein Obama! It is in fact an open

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Sep 112012

It is good that Mitt Romney gives Barack Obama credit where it is due, by praising and endorsing two of the most important achievements of the president's healthcare plan. Because of President Obama's leadership, and now

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Aug 292012 Listen to this telephone call recording! Pete Santilli RIPS into a so-called CBS journalist who intentionally ignores facts about Obama fraud investigation, and then refuses to acknowledge that he intentionally withheld important information regarding the case from the public. To listen to the full episode, please go here



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Jul 172012

Perversely, Obama's victory in the Supreme Court may jeopardize his all-important re-election campaign by helping slow down hiring and growth this year. Di…

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May 282012

As FreedomWorks continues its efforts to stop Obamacare with a live blog event, some evidence is coming in that shows just how important the issue was to voters in the recent primary upset wins for Richard Mourdock & Deb

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Mar 052012

Obama's Muslim Tranny Nanny, “Turdi”. Tweet. Early this morning, the AP broke a very important story detailing the plight of “oppression of Indonesian transgendered presidential nannies.“ Some of the more important

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Feb 222012

This morning's newspapers report an ominous development in the ObamaCare litigation, now pending in the U.S. Supreme Court: The Court posted a seemingly minor but potentially important administrative change that

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