Nov 292015


Hi I'm Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty.

One third of Americans want to impeach President Obama.

That's before they even understandthe charges.

Although many Republican leaders, like HouseSpeaker John Boehner, think there are no grounds for impeachment, or just not enough evidenceto convict, the group that supports impeachment thinks there is more than enough evidenceranging from the IRS scandal, to Benghazi, to Fast & Furious, to various instances ofgovernment overreach and violations of the Constitution with Executive Orders.

I believe they’ve all got it wrong.

Theperfect impeachment charge isn’t any of those.

It isn’t even the soon-to-be-chargeof violating the Constitution by giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens through ExecutiveOrder (rumored to be coming within 30 days).

The perfect impeachment charge is FRAUD.

A fraud when President Obama knowingly lied,“If you like your insurance, you can keep it.

” And “If you like your doctor, youcan keep him.

” And “Your insurance premiums will not go up.

” There is no question Obamaknew they were lies when he said them… AND THAT IS CLEARLY FRAUD! This crime has 300 million witnesses.

Thiscrime was recorded on television dozens of times.

This crime is easy to prove.

You canadd in all the other scandals, frauds, and lies as Articles of Impeachment 2-10, butArticle #1 is the Obamacare lies.

And here’s the important part- this crimeresonates with the average American.

This crime hits home- it's costing them dearly(in the pocketbook), and also some with their lives (cancer patients who have lost theirinsurance).

Americans already talk about this crime in their living room and around thekitchen table.

This crime is simple, easy to prove, and easyfor the average American to understand.

Obama knowingly used fraud, lies, misrepresentationand coercion (by the IRS) to induce Americans to support Obamacare, knowing if he told thetruth they would never support it.

We the citizens of America are victims of a massivecriminal conspiracy.

The man at the center of this world-class fraud is Barack Obama.

If you have any doubt this was a criminalact, let’s compare the crimes committed by Obama to those of convicted TV infomercialconman, Kevin Trudeau.

Remember him? His 30-minute infomercials ran day and night on cable TVfor the past decade.

This past February Obama’s own administration convicted and sentencedTrudeau to 10 years in federal prison for knowingly making untrue statements about aweight loss book he was selling.

I don’t question whether Mr.

Trudeau isa fraud.

I’m sure he got what was coming to him.

But Trudeau is a small time crookcompared to our President.

Obama scammed millions of Americans out of their health insurance,raised prices dramatically (thereby damaging and bankrupting the middle class), killedmillions of jobs (ask the Congressional Budget Office about that one) and arguably contributedto a number of deaths (with many more to come).

In my new book, “The Murder of the MiddleClass,” I made the prediction that we’d soon hear about sick Americans who died becauseof Obamacare.

The wait is over.

Linda Rolain, a Las Vegas woman, lost her battle last monthto brain cancer after a 3-month delay due to the faulty design of the Nevada Obamacareexchange.

The government accused Trudeau of lying andexaggerating to sell his weight loss book.

Their argument is that he called weight loss“easy” on TV…but then when you actually read the book you found out it’s prettyhard to lose weight.

The government argued without the lies, he couldn’t have soldthe book and that is fraud.

Isn’t that exactly how Obama sold Obamacare?He knowingly lied again and again.

He painted a picture of 30 million new patients, butno cost increases.

As a matter of fact he claimed costs would be reduced.

He reliedon words like “free”… “no cost”… “prices will go down”… “the debt willgo down”… “no jobs will be lost”…and “Obamacare will help the economy.

” Alllies, and he knew it all along – pure fraud.

The kind of fraud that results in long prisonsentences for private sector CEOs.

The biggest whopper of all: “If you likeyour insurance you can keep it.

” He told this lie while his own internal White Housereports showed that up to 93 million Americans would lose their insurance because of Obamacare.

Obama told the middle class a lie to sellhis product, because he knew if he told the truth, no one would buy it.

How does thatdiffer from Kevin Trudeau? Like Kevin Trudeau, Obama could never havesold Obamacare to the American people without lying and misrepresenting.

But Obama’s frauddidn’t cost us $30 each.

Obama’s fraud is costing each of us thousands of dollarsper year.

Obama’s fraud may add up to the first-ever trillion dollar scam.

Bernie Madoffget out of the way.

Obama is arguably the biggest thief in world history.

And some of us will lose our lives becauseof his fraud.

Ask Linda Rolain's family about that.

If Kevin Trudeau deserves ten years in prison,shouldn’t Obama receive a life sentence for the fraud he’s committed? While it is my personal belief that Obamacarewas always the centerpiece of Obama’s purposeful plan to “Murder the Middle Class,” andkill capitalism, there is no possible doubt that legally and constitutionally the liestold by Obama (on camera) to sell Obamacare are an impeachable offense.

Postscript: Day ago, the health insurancepolicy for my family of six was cancelled by Aetna, who blamed the cancellation on themandates of Obamacare.

Under President Obama my health insurance premium has gone from$500 per month to $1,700 per month.

Now it is cancelled.

I can testify as to the fraud committed.

Iam a witness to the murder of the middle class.

Obama must pay.

If no business is too bigto fail, I think we can all agree that no political leader is too big to jail.

It’s time for impeachment.

I'm Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty.

I hope you'll read my newly released book, "The Murder of the Middle Class.

” It's availableat any bookstore, Costco or Sam’s Club, or of course you can order at Amazon.

Com rightnow.

See you next week.

God Bless America.

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May 142015

Here's another reason to Impeach Obama.

Obamahas taken it upon himself to change the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare more than twenty timeswithout ever seeking Congressional approval.

There are all kinds of problems wrong withthis action, but the main thing here is that President Obama simply does not have the authorityto do this and frankly what it hard to understand is why is there no mechanism in governmentto stop this immediately.

This is a clear violation of the Constitution and I don'tcare what any other president did before Obama, guess who is president right now? Barack HusseinObama and he should be impeached for these egregious actions.

Hello Congress? Do your job! Impeach Obama.

Here are just a few of the 28 or so thingsObama could be impeached for since they are clear violations of the Constitution.

Congressand only Congress has the power to change already implemented law, not the president 1.

 Subsidies may flow through federal exchanges:The IRS issued a rule that allows premium assistance tax credits to be available infederal exchanges although the law specified that they only would be available throughan “Exchange established by the State.

” This one is actually before the Supreme Courtright now and if acted upon and not allowed by the court, as it is written in the law,it could effectively gut Obamacare to the bone.


 Closing the high-risk pool: The administrationdecided to prematurely halt enrollment in transitional federal high-risk pools createdby the law, blocking coverage for an estimated 40,000 new applicants, citing a lack of funds.

The administration had money from a fund under Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s control toextend the pools, but instead used the money to pay for advertising for Obamacare enrollmentand other purposes.


 Doubling allowed deductibles: Becausesome group health plans use more than one benefits administrator, plans are allowed toapply separate patient cost-sharing limits to different services, such as doctor/hospitaland prescription drugs, allowing maximum out-of-pocket costs to be twice as high as the law intended.


 Employer-mandate delay: By an administrativeaction that is contrary to the clear language in the ACA, the reporting requirements foremployers were delayed by one year.

Oh, here's a real good one… 5.

 Self-attestation: Meaning, because ofthe difficulty of verifying income after the previously mentioned employer-reporting requirementwas delayed, the administration decided it would allow “self-attestation” of incomeby applicants for health insurance in the exchanges.

Sure, we can trust everyone to attest to theiractual income and not deflate it to get more subsidies.


Failure to enforce abortion restrictions:A GAO report found that many exchange insurance plans don’t separate charges for abortionservices as required by Obamacare.

Obama specifically got votes for his plan in congress by promisingmore conservative Democrats this provision would be in the law.

This clearly shows howdeceptive the Obama regime is and is showing that the administration blatantly is not enforcingthe law.

In 2014, abortions were being financed with taxpayer funds in more than 1,000 exchangeplans.

Apparently Obama doesn't understand the Constitutionforbids him from unilaterally making and changing law like this.

But unfortunately, our congresshas utterly dropped the ball on this one.

That's reason number 2 to Impeach Obama.

May 142015

Here is reason number 3 to Impeach Obama – BarackHussein Obama is a grave danger to the security of the United States of America.

Some say Obama is a Muslim in hiding and Iam starting to believe them with his speech at the national prayer breakfast last week.

At that event, Obama brazenly compared the horrific acts of ISIS to what Christians didmore than 1,000 years ago.

Former Representative Allen West summed itup remarkably in an article on his website when he said, "There is grave danger in statements supportingmoral equivalency and religious relativism.

What happens is horrific behavior is excusedbecause you have a certain recalcitrance in admitting the existence of evil.

President Barack Obama had the chance to affirm our Judeo-Christian faith heritage at theNational Prayer Breakfast just days after the world was exposed to the savage and barbaricactions of ISIS in the burning to death of the captured Jordanian fighter pilot.

Buthe did not.

" Here is what Obama said that sat everyoneup to notice: “Unless we get on our high horse and thinkthis is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition,people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ, in our home country, slavery andJim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.

” Our high horse? Seriously? President Obamais on his high horse even bringing up matters such as this at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Many of the Crusades happened over 1,000 years ago and Obama has the gall to lecture Christianson the National Day of prayer when Muslim terrorists have just committed a barbaricact of burring a man alive and filming the whole process to display to the entire world.

Is this exact act an impeachable offense?Well, no, it is not, but it most certainly shows the kind of man we have in the WhiteHouse and for God's sake Congress, why the hell are you still letting this man rule ournation? Does this not fully tell you who he is? Get you your high horse Congress and ImpeachObama already.

May 142015

Impeach Obama – Let's set up one of Obama'sbiggest lies in his entire 6 year presidency.

Obama is at news conference in Brisbane Australiaback in November of 2014 and was asked this question by Ed Henry of Fox News: “At your Burma townhall a couple of daysago, you tried to inspire young leaders by saying, ‘governments need to be held accountable,need to be responsive to the people.

’ I wonder how you square that with your formeradviser, Jonathan Gruber claiming you were not transparent about the health law becausein his words the American people, the voters are stupid.

Did you mislead Americans about the taxes, about keeping yourplan in order to get the bill passed?” To which Obama responded: “No, I did not, I just heard about this.

I get well-briefed before I come out here.

The fact that some adviser who never workedon our staff expressed an opinion that I completely disagree with in terms of the voters, is noreflection on the actual process that was run.

” Woa What? Obama just heard about this? JonathanGruber was a White House Obamacare adviser.

He was in actual meetings with Obama himself.

Obama had talked about Gruber being in meetings and Gruber bragged about that.

Not only wasGruber a member of the staff, Gruber was paid $400,000 just for consulting on Obamacare.

Gruber has made almost $6 million in governmentcontracts, advising Uncle Sam on various projects, and Obama arrogantly claims Gruber was, "someadviser who never worked on our staff" and Obama was in meetings with this guy.

an thatof course rolls into the biggest lie in presidential history, "If you like your plan, you can keepyour plan.

" How can Obama get away with such lying? Whyis Congress tolerating these outrageous lies? Whatever happened to this incident anyway?Just a week or so and it was out of the news, not important anymore.

We all know, everyone knows what a blatantlying sociopath Obama is, when, oh when is Congress going to do something about it? Americais waiting… And as for you Mr Obama, you liar! No onebelieves a word that comes out of your mouth.

Feb 222012

Arizona’s maverick Sheriff Joe Arpaio promised surprises in his jurisdiction’s investigation of Barack Obama’s eligibility for the presidential ballot and his Cold Case Posse is delivering — raising questions that touch on the authenticity of the long-form birth certificate issued last April and the possibility Obama is using a fraudulent Social Security Number. Read more: Sheriff Joe’s posse delivers promised Obama surprise www.wnd.com_____________________________________________ Hear Pastor Carl Gallups (Narrator of this video) on Live talk radio on NW FL’s TALK RADIO – 1330 WEBY AM – broadcasting to a 4 state area on the Gulf Coast – every Friday afternoon – LISTEN LIVE! Every Friday 4-6 PM CT. FACEBOOK FAN PAGE! http JOIN US ON TWITTER! JOIN US ON MYSPACE! CleanTV® is your safe haven for educational and entertaining television programs. LIVE TALK RADIO with CARL GALLUPS FREEDOM FRIDAY 1330 WEBY LIVE LINK – LISTEN NOW! **NEW** FREEDOM FRIDAY GIFT SHOP! ***NEW*** Stauros Films Store PASTOR GALLUPS/Keith Olberman! EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH PASTOR CARL GALLUPS! The BIRTHER Repository EVOLUTIONISTS and ATHEISTS – Click HERE MORE EVIDENCE CREATION.COM

See the rest here: Arizona Sheriff Investigates Obama Birth Certificate


Clean up computer

May 312010

Obama’s Birth Certificate on his web-site and FactChech are forgeries. Here is proof. A comparison of an actual LEGAL Birth certificate and scan results. The Berg Lawsuit is factual and this proves it beyond a reasonable doubt. The State of Hawaii considers a Certification of Live Birth is a secondary source of identification for the purpose of establishing Hawaiian ancestry; a Certificate of Live Birth is considered a primary source. To respond to challenges as to his eligibility for POTUS, BO first posted and then removed from his web site, a Certification of Live Birth, claiming this was his Birth Certificate. But such Certification is only issued when a birth certificate cannot be located in the records. THERE IT IS, THE CERTIFICATION WAS ISSUED, BECAUSE THE RECORDS COULD NOT BE LOCATED. Because they don’t exist. Read the full article here: Blogger manipulates birth certificate image, undermining Obama claims Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 ************************************ I reveived this reply and thought it was worth posting. It is from someone [Nameless] that appears to have a background in these documents: This might really interest you. As your video mentioned there are two (2) birth documents. 1The medical Birth Certificate filled out at hospital signed by doctor attesting to birth of infant, infant weight etc. 2. The legal document the Certificate of Live birth which is filled out

Feb 142010

2/13: OBAMA LIED. 300 terrorists have NOT been tried in civilian courts. Neither have 190. Try fewer… (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES) Barack Hussein Obama to the Muslim world, “The U.S. and Islam share… for President Obama to be removed from office. The spot, near the Oshkosh Correctional Institute, is also… he agrees with the Impeach Obama‘ billboard. The tagline is: America’s small businesses are failing, help us spread the message.’ I just think what Obama is doing and the whole administration

Jan 262010

Part 2 of the Obama Birth Certification. What is the difference between a short form and a long form. Why is the long form a Legal Document and the short form not? Obama’s Certification of Live Birth is a short form and NOT a Legal document. Without a “Vault” copy of the long form, no verification of citizenship is possible. Obama has posted his SHORT FORM, which is not a legal document.The long form would have Doctor and witnesses to his birth that could be checked and verified. The Berg …

Jan 222010

I will show you to create an authentic looking Hawaiian Birth Certificate with a graphics program. The one off Obama’s site was created the same way by a blogger that admitted it. People have been asking me how it could be done… I will show you. In less then 5 min. Here is an updated Blog entry showing the Obama COLB and the one that I created in a overlay showing how they match up. Hopefully you’ll see why the lawsuits for Obama to produce his “vault” long copy are so critical to …

Jan 182010

Obama’s Birth Certificate on his web-site and FactChech are forgeries. Here is proof. A comparison of an actual LEGAL Birth certificate and scan results. The Berg Lawsuit is factual and this proves it beyond a reasonable doubt. The State of Hawaii considers a Certification of Live Birth is a secondary source of identification for the purpose of establishing Hawaiian ancestry; a Certificate of Live Birth is considered a primary source. To respond to challenges as to his eligibility for POTUS …