Apr 192013

President Hussein Obama has asked to maintain funding for the ‘Palestinians,’ to increase the amount of funding given to the United Nations, and has asked Congress to agree to reinstate funding to UNESCO. But when it

The rest is here: <b>Israel</b> Matzav: Priorities: <b>Obama</b> cut domestic bomb prevention <b>…</b>

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Jan 212013

I am very serious in making this statement. The evidence grows with each day of . . . . . Barack Hussein Obama’s Treason. At no time in American history has anyone been such a . . . . traitor & threat to the United States of America. Rome had it’s traitor Julius Caesar that was it’s greatest threat from within. America has it’s traitor & greatest threat from within – That being . . . . Barack Hussein Obama is America’s traitorous dictator. The evidence grows with each passing day that Pres. Obama is the greatest threat to America. Playing the race card is becoming “Da Play Of The Day” for . . . . . Barack Hussein Obama & his followers.


Continued here: Welfare Socialist Pres. Barack Hussein Obama – America’s Greatest Enemy

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Jan 212013

The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi is “pressuring” Obama to release the Blind Sheikh. Of course the behind-the-scenes is that the corrupt, Marxists/Islamists Barack Hussein Obama would like nothing more than to

Go here to read the rest: Muslim Brotherhood, Obama Collude to release the Blind Sheikh

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Jan 212013

obama FORGED On December 10, 2012, I wrote an article bringing into question the Birth Certificate of Barack Hussein Obama, formally known as Barry Soreteo. Now we are going to dive into Lord Christopher Monckton's 22

More here: The Obama Birth Certificate Investigation: Questions Of Interest


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Jan 212013

America's First Composite President – Barack Hussein Obama: HERE. Obama's birth certificate a fraud: HERE. MSM, 'Never mind Obama's fishy birth certificate, help us investigate Sarah Palin's emails: HERE

View post: Lance Armstrong vs. Barack Obama: Separated At Birth?! | Sad Hill …


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Nov 122012

As I have said more than once, this is the most important election of my lifetime coming up tomorrow. There really isn't much I can rehash or say as to the complete failure that is Barak Hussein Obama! It is in fact an open

Read the original here: Joetote's Blog: Obama Lied! People Died! And He Wants Our Votes?

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Nov 122012

Capitalism vs. Socialism – Is Barack Hussein Obama Socialist? Debate October 3, 2012 . Mitt Romney vs. Barack Hussein Obama


Read the original: Capitalism vs Socialism – Is Barack Hussein Obama Is Socialist? – O’Reilly

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Sep 112012

A new poll shows that Barack Hussein Obama's share of the Jewish vote has dropped to 59%. That's the worst percentage for a Democratic Presidential candidate since Jimmy Carter's 45% in 1980, which was helped along

Read the original: Israel Matzav: Poll: Obama's Jewish vote below 60%

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Aug 292012

With the recent campaign statements by Barack Hussein Obama, there is no doubt where he stands on his ideology… he is definitely a socialist. On the campaign trail, Obama insults the intelligence of successful Americans, and tells them… “If you’ve got a business- you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” By praising government, as being the reason why businesses are successful, and insulting the intelligence and perseverance of successful American business creators, Obama has placed himself squarely in the socialist camp.


More: Mitt Romney Slams Socialist Barack Obama’s Attacks on Successful Americans

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Jul 172012

Produced by Obama Files web.me.com


Follow this link: More Obama Socialist New Party Membership Evidence Surfaces

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