Nov 292013

man-in flag-shirt-examines-guns-nra. Obamacare has provided rich fodder for jokes, even if they are a little grim, because of its failed website, cancellation notices and huge premium spikes. One used-car dealer in Denver,?

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Apr 192013

Opponents of Obamacare on Thursday seized on warnings from two of its legislative architects that implementation of the law could be disastrous. “I just see a huge train wreck coming down,” said Sen. Max Baucus (D., Mont.)

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Aug 292012

Obama lies in NC print edition of Rhino Times, John Hammer truth about Obama, Obamacare huge tax increase on middle class, ABC News lies, Obama lacks economic knowledge “North Carolina currently has the

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Jul 172012

Lead-ins used by Obama just before he drops a huge stinking lie: “I've got to be honest” and “Let me be clear” and “Let me repeat that” and “some folks say” and “hello” and “thank you” and “good morning/afternoon/evening”

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Feb 282012

In a recent column, Charles Krauthammer laments the undeniable reality that Obamacare is fading as an issue in the presidential campaign, and calls it “a huge failing of the opposition party.” He points out that the Republican

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