Nov 232013

A little flashback to get you warmed up for tomorrow’s Benghazi hearing. Obama blamed an internet video for Benghazi when he spoke in front the UN.

More here: [FLASHBACK] At the UN Obama blames an internet video for Benghazi and the other attack

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Nov 232013

Judge Jeanine Pirro, who attended this week’s Congressional hearing on Benghazi, says the testimony she witnessed proved President Obama and former Secretary…

Read the original: Judge Jeanine "Fact Blasts" Hillary & Obama Administration on Benghazi Attack – 5-11-13

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Nov 232013

Hearing Aids Not Covered by Certain Obamacare Plans in D.C. but Elective Abortion Is! President Barack Obama (Getty Images). The “Healthy Blue PPO $1500,” for example, offers coverage for abortions for non-medical?

Visit link: but Elective Abortion Is – The Blaze


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Sep 042013

As the first Congressional hearing on Syrian intervention was coming to close, the hosts of The Five took a look at where leading Republicans stand on the issue.

See the rest here: The Five on Politics of Syria: 'Most Important Vote Since Obamacare …


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Apr 192013

I am so tired of hearing people refer to the President as a Socialist. It is odd when seemingly smart and educated people have irrational ideas and/or opinio…

Read more here: Obama is a Socialist?

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Apr 112012

Arpaio applauds 'birther' congressmen, calls for legislative action | Sheriff Arpaio calls for congressional hearing after two GOP congressmen have 'the courage to speak out'

Read the rest here: Joe Arpaio | Obama Birth Certificate | Vicky Hartzler | Cliff Stearns …


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