Nov 262013

During the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act, it's been hard to defend the law, much less to call it “great.” But great it is — for the American economy and for the American people, rich ones included. The program has?

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Nov 242013

A free hint to my fellow liberal arts majors: outside of our own, rather narrow, academic disciplines, it really doesn't matter how hard you wish for something.

Originally posted here: “Failure is ALWAYS an option*.” #obamacare | RedState


Apr 192013

Obamacare Fiasco – HHs Sec Surprised HC Law Hard To Implement – On The Record.

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Apr 192013

CNN Reports That Obama Will Have A Hard Time Delivering On His Promise Of Lower Health Premiums (3/27/13)

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Jan 212013

The message was delivered via Jeffrey Goldberg, Obama: 'Israel Doesn't Know What Its Own Best Interests Are'. There's so much wrong in Goldberg's narrative it's hard to know where to begin, but note the message is one of

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Nov 122012

Austan Goolsbee of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers talks about the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009 – also known as the Credit Card Bill of Rights – which he worked hard on and which kicks in today. Watch the video to get a taste of the types of credit card headaches you won’t have to deal with anymore.

Here is the original post: Austan Goolsbee – Credit Card Bill Kicks in Today


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Nov 122012

Both the president and Mitt Romney campaigned hard for the support of female voters.

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Jul 172012

Axelrod: Unlike Romney, Obama Doesn't Use Tax Shelters. At the verrry end of this Washington Times piece we see this: OT. Mr. Axelrod also hit Mr. Romney hard on taxes, pointing out that the United States loses $100

View original post here: Obama Apologizes to Muslims, Karzai, Guatemala, & Europe… But …

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May 152012

One of the hard facts about public opinion during the health-care debate was that, while the public quickly soured on health-care reform, it remained quite sweet on the concept of health-care reform. This is why Republican

Go here to read the rest: On Second Thought, GOP Will Just Repeal Obamacare


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Apr 112012

Obama Says Taking More Money From Some To Redistribute To Others Called: The Buffett Rule, Is Not Some Socialist Dream, Even Though In 2008, He Was Told That raising taxes Gives You less Revenue! Obama Goes Into Class Warfare Hyper Attack Mode and Calls For A Rise In The Capital Gains Tax (His New “Buffet Rule”) But in the 2008 debates, Charlie Gibson correctly explained to the arrogant Barack Obama, that when this tax has been raised in the past, there was less revenue collected. Go figure, the more you tax, the less you get! And speaking of Buffett (I don’t pay enough in taxes)… Guess who the IRS is going after because he hasn’t paid his taxes? Hhhmmmmm Ok, I admit that I’m a little slow, so I need someone to remind me once again, why exactly, (according to Barack Obama) I’m supposed to be angry or jealous or bitter at someone I may know or most likely don’t know, that have been successful, fortunate, smart, hard working or even lucky in life and have money or things or a better life than I do? Why again do I want those people punished or have their good fortune or a portion of their wealth and fruits of their labor or hard work, taken away from them in the name of “Fairness”? Especially because Barack Obama says so? But this I do know, A wise man once said “If you want more of something, incentivize it. If you want less of it, tax it.” And yes, Mister Obama, it actually is “some Marxist dream.” Check your copy of the “Communist Manifesto”, Second plank – “a heavy

View post: Obama’s Buffett Rule Is A Socialist Dream

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