Jul 172012

Top security experts in Israel are worried about the Obama Administration's attitude to radical Muslim governments in the region and by Obama's willingness to freeze Israel out of two recent high-level counter-terror

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Feb 222012

The killings in Syria won't go away and it seems President Obama will not be distracted from his singular obsession with Israel. If our President is willing to establish Islamist governments in the Middle East or shore-up

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Dec 102010

Globe and Mail

A Rocky Year for US-Israel Relations
Voice of America
Photo: AP The United States and Israel are longtime allies but 2010 saw strained relations between the two governments. US President Barack Obama has made ...
PA: Clinton should have blamed IsraelYnetnews

Clinton frustrated at Mideast impassemsnbc.com
Poll: Slight majority of Israeli Jews unfavorable to ObamaJewish Telegraphic Agency
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Jan 282010

representation of reality. Obama lied in omission in his Orwellian Peace Prize acceptance speech… in other countries’ governments, but that would be a book, not an article. Three examples that Obama lied….

Obama bombs Yemen: no report of attempt for peaceful resolution; US needs Department of Peace…/x-18425-LA-County-Nonpartisan-Examiner~y2009m12d…

Orwellian Peace-prize winner President Obama… the declassified evidence showing the US government lied to wage unlawful Wars of Aggression in Afghanistan