Nov 272013

CNN has a very interesting new poll that not only debunks the notion that Americans have already decided Obamacare is a failure, but also reveals that Americans overwhelmingly oppose the GOP's conservative critique of?

Visit link: Daily Kos: New poll: Americans optimistic about Obamacare …


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Nov 242013

It was predictable that GOP hawks like Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) wouldn't love the historic deal the Obama administration reached with Iran on Saturday night. But Texas Senator John Cornyn had a unique,?

Original post: John Cornyn, Texas Senator, Says Iran Deal Is Obamacare Distraction


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Nov 232013

The House Republican leadership is coordinating an aggressive push to keep Obamacare's problems front and center both on Capitol Hill and around the country. The House GOP effort includes investigations by at least?

Read the original here: The House GOP's Obamacare playbook – Seung Min Kim and Jake …


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Aug 162013

GOP Senators Question Obama Judicial Nominee on Abortion. July 26, 2013 — Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday questioned one of President Obama's three nominees to the District of Columbia Circuit Court?

Read the original here: GOP Senators Question Obama Judicial Nominee on Abortion


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Aug 152013

While the GOP is split on issues like immigration, the budget, and foreign policy, they have found immutable common ground in their hatred of the president's health care law. As President Obama aptly pointed out during a?

Read more from the original source: On Obamacare, GOP continues to struggle over tactics — MSNBC


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Aug 152013

Let me be blunt. If you are opposed to using the Continuing Resolution to de-fund Obamacare because you are afraid that conservatives and the GOP might take the blame in the media, then you are a political coward.

Read this article: The Obamacare Throwdown – Let's Not Be Gutless Wonders …


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Apr 192013

2013, The Last Call For The Racist, Intolerant, ‘Stupid’ GOP-Tea Party?:…

Continue reading here: Growing Support For ‘Socialist Dictator,’ ‘King Obama’ is Driving Republicans Bat-Crap Crazy!


Apr 192013

For GOP’s Love Of ‘Socialist’ Margaret Thatcher MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell delivered an unexpectedly laudatory eulogy for Margaret Thatcher on The Last Word …

Original post: Lawrence O’Donnell: ‘Ignorance Is The First Requirement’

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Jan 212013

Report: Obama To Proceed With Arming Muslim Brotherhood-Ruled Egypt With F-16s And M1A1 Abrams Tanks Despite GOP Opposition… Gross. (Egypt Independent) — Egypt's negotiations with the US to acquire F-16

More here: Report: Obama To Proceed With Arming Muslim Brotherhood-Ruled …

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