Jan 212013

Following the deaths of several innocent civilians, including at least one American at the hands of radical Muslim terrorists, Barack Obama gave yet another weak and insipid response – indicating he simply wanted to gain a

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Jan 212013

Sheriff Joe Arpaio appeared on the Mike Broomhead show today to discuss the results of an investigation he had conducted into President Obama's alleged birth certificate, including a trip to Hawaii to try to gain access to the

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Nov 122012

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Sep 112012

On Thursday, the House of Representatives is expected to pass a six-month Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the federal government through March 2013. The CR is expected to gain bipartisan support, and will fund the

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Aug 292012

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Apr 112012

White House source: Obama only considers how many votes he'll gain in deciding on Pollard release. I have said many times that President Obama will pardon Jonathan Pollard when he believes that doing so will gain him a

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