Nov 262013

In the too little, too late department, CNN has finally decided that their job is no longer to counter President Obama's health care message with deliberately one-sided and suppressed reporting, and has now decided to show?

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Aug 152013

Well, at least Mitch McConnell has finally come out of the shadows to take a stand on a contentious issue. That is a start. Roll Call reports that Mitch.

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Nov 122012

This morning, Obama finally took the bait dangled by Donald Trump and “birthers” and released his elusive long-form birth certificate that he had kept concealed for more than two years, at a cost of a rumored $1-2 million in

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May 282012

A couple days after Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett made Barack Obama's birth certificate a potential ballot issue in Arizona, he has finally heard back from the state of Hawaii. In an interview last week with an Arizona

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Apr 112012

Obama lied, the coal industry died. Finally, one of the dupes is starting to realize how he and his men was played for fools. Cecil Roberts, the head of the United Mine Workers of America, stated that the coal industry will suffer

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Apr 112012

Well, it looks like we may finally know what actually happened during last year's heated debate on the debt ceiling and spending. Remember after things took a turn for the worse, President Obama said it was the GOP who

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Feb 282012

The media duel over Iran between the Obama administration and the Netanyahu government went up a notch Tuesday, Feb. 28 with an Associated Press report by Kimberly Dozier asserting that Israel had decided finally that

Original post: US and Israel update Iran intelligence for Obama-Netanyahu summit «

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Feb 222012

Joe Arpaio to Announce Findings on Obama's Birth Certificate…drumroll… On March 1st, Americans will finally get The Answer to the most burning issue on everyone's mind: Was President Barack Hussein Obama born in the

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